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The Legacy of Margaret Sanger: A Black Holocaust

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  3. Amazing.
    Margaret Sanger, VISIONARY, LIBERAL, ( aka.PROGRESSIVE), DEMOCRAT, HUMANATARIAN, A SOLDIER IN THE FIGHT FOR WOMENS RIGHTS. yep, Amaziing. With promanant womens rights “advocates”, a stting Supreme Court Justice, a sitting Secretary of State, Promanant “INTELLECTUAL” Women of our day, and those from the past endorse and ENCOURAGE women to PROMOTE women’s health and CHOICE,… Pro Choice, The right to HUMANELY TERMINATE their Pregnancy of a Baby who is, sick, deformed, retarded, or will be a FINANCIAL BURDEN.
    Wrapped in a bow and placed in your neighborhood to promote women’s health.
    The sheer scope of the lunacy and horror in this article is staggering. do we honor hitler?,.. Po Pot?, Stalin?
    Mao,…. well Mao,.. who doesnt respect him,.. i mean the now sitting President had a woman in his cabinet that revered him,.. Mr’s Dunn.
    For the sheer scope of the genocide, the brutal murders of MILLIONS is on a scale unknown in human history,.. And now this woman is in their ranks as one of the most evil, coniving pre-meditated murderers of our time. Exactly how many babies have been aborted probably will never be known, but, the estimate is in the millions.
    to equate “pro-lifers” as hippocrits is laughable. to say we want to protect an “unwanted pregnancy” yet execute a murderer is somehow the same,.. first, the baby is INNOCENT,… The murderer isn’t. when there is no consiquence for your actions ANARCHY REIGNS.
    i want to thank you Robin for your research on this subject. Our history as a country and a nation has it’s good, bad, and ugly, but how can a people truly make sensable decisions about the future and direction of their nation when the truth, the whole truth, with ALL it’s mistakes AND triumphs not have been brought out in the cleansing light of TRUTH.
    thank you.

    • Tony,
      Thanks for your insightful comments to the article. One of the problems with our country is that history is rewritten to suit the “touchy-feely” leftists. (I try to never call them liberals since they stole that word to make it appear that they were in the same mold as the Founders.) But it’s not only people in this administration that revere killers: FDR loved Stalin and Wilson loved Sanger as well as other eugenicists. In fact, he was one himself and he segregated the military, something that the left won’t want you to know.
      As far as the killing of innocents is concerned, yes, it is encouraged and accepted. I am not for the death penalty, but I certainly understand that there is a huge difference in the abortion of an innocent and the killing of a murderer. And it’s not a “litmus” test for me when talking to people about this subject. As a matter of fact, in conversations (if you can call them that!) with leftists about abortion they try the trick question, “Are you for the death penalty?” I blow their arguments out of the water and it gives me great satisfaction to do so.
      The research is necessary for an article like this, no need to thank me, it’s part and parcel of getting the truth out there.
      Thanks again,

  4. What a wonderful detialed historical exposition on that eveil woman. Love it.

    • Alxymy,
      Thanks for your comment! I was research I enjoyed doing to get this information out there. I think it’s important for all people in the USA to realize what an evil agenda Planned Parenthood is based on, whether or not the people who run it now know what Sanger had in mind. I have since found some videos that caught a manager of a clinic agreeing to take money from a “set up” caller for black abortions only. So, I guess some of them know Sanger’s agenda of black genocide.
      Thanks for reading my article.
      Eleanor Infantino

  5. I appreciate articles like this. Makes a person a lot more informed .Seems we always hurt the ones we love. Hopefully people will read this and start taking action.

    • Bill,
      Thanks for the comment, and thanks for posting this on your facebook site! I think the most important action we can take as conservatives is to educate our citizens. If they are educated and informed, they will make better voting decisions and disasterous people like Obama will not be able to get into positions of power within our govt.
      I hope this article will wake up many people, not only Blacks.

  6. Great article. I never thought of Planned parenthood and the killing the way you put it in the article. The Black community is in dire need of education

    • Sean,
      Lots of people don’t see the connections. I guess the left has buried the truth about Sanger so deep, it’s impossible for us to see her evilness. One of my hopes is that this article will cause some of the people in the black community to become aware of what is going on under the facade of health care.
      Thanks for the comments!

  7. i have been screaming about this from the rooftops for decades – dems are no friend to the black community!! where is the outrage over hillary admiring and being in awe of this woman? had a conservative said this they’d be crucified – remember trent lott???? excellent article eleanor – let’s make it go viral!!!

    • Robin,
      Thanks for the comment and the compliment on the article. Dems have not been friends of the black community for over 150 years. They dismiss the Southern Dems that voted against Civil Rights Bills and justify it by calling them “Dixicrats.”
      I am a long time proponent of anti-aborition movements, except for bombing and killing outright of the people who promote them and perform them, and the statistics on what is happening in the Black Community hit me like a ton of bricks. I just had to write this article even though it’s long.
      My heart cries out for the unborn children.
      I think more people should be joining Black Pro-Life Organizations which are working for the publication of the truth of this abomination.
      Once more, thanks for the comment!