“D” Bomb

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  • Shared this with my friends! Thanks for the wonderful images. You make our point with few words.

  • Jayson Quilantan

    Rock Paper Scissors… the debt crisis is just part of a game! A game that was started in 1913….

    • Generally true and it is about to come full circle to the disaster on our doorstep and it’s all so predictable.
      The credit rating companies will be repulsed by this “deal” of can-kicking in final negotiations now and drop our credit rating (I believe) two notches, not one. That will precipitate a sharp rise in the costs of goods and services , inflation, and in will step Helicopter Benny with his panacea of printing mo’ money…mo’ money to “artificially” hold down the inflation spiral. The bond market will go bonkers. Stability of the dollar will be further eroded by many jumping headlong into gold, silver and platinum as the new hard currency. In doing so Benny-boy knows the result will be the same as it always has been. The continued devaluation of the dollar to guarantee our demise as the world’s greatest example of thriving capitalism. If we fail to boot the demonRATs from control of BOTH houses of congress in 2012, the presidency really is irrelevant, then it will be OVER.

  • Jayson Quilantan

    All of politics is irrelevant…. democrats and republicans are two sides of the same coin and controlled by the same masters.

    This country has been bankrupt since the 1930s… our so-called government then became a CORPORATION!