SEALs Killed in Afghanistan Helicopter Downing Were Members of Team that Killed Bin Laden

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  • The other comments were that our military is full of jihadi’s and it was one of them who gave the Taliban the intel so that they could get the hit. Or this was nothing more than a lucky shot and it so happened that it was SEAL team 6 that were conducting the raid and got hit.

    Whatever it was I would sure hope that the Dept. of the Navy with all it’s secret stuff they are up to all the time in areas where the ordinary person wouldn’t thing the Navy would have anything to do with that, finds the Navy all over it. And if they can’t find out who leaked this intel, if that’s what it is, then we are in trouble and couldn’t stop terrorists right here in America.

  • People have gone biszerk over this death of these guys. The media is saying that none of the actual guys who killed Bin Laden were on board the helicopter. That is either a cover up to protect Obama from accusation of givning his moles in the military to tell the Taliban the intel about this helicopter so that Obama could heal his image with the Muslims who were mad at him for allowing the killing of one of their great spiritual leaders.

    Obama has alot of friends in the PLO and many other terror groups, including the times that he went to Pakistan when he was in college when no American citizen was being allowed to go to Pakistan because of the war going on over there between Iraq and Iran. He had a passport with his actual nationality on it that allowed him to go there so…..

    I thought that Obama had to repair his relationship with the Muslims for his sin of allowing the killiing of Bin Laden and giving the Taliban the intel about this helicopter would do it. Allah has been revenged, Praise Allah!!

    What a bunch of crap! Death to Islam!!

    • It is really suspicious to me that all the ones that supposedly caught and killed Bin Laden are now dead themselves. No proof…no body.