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Salute the Flag: Paramount Pathway to Prosperity

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  1. This is a great story because I’m such a stickler about the flag, and have always been. I’ve always had a flag hung outside the front of my house, and have flags of different size scattered aroung my back yard, fixed to my picnic pavillion, and gazebo. I’m not obsessed about the flag but I enjoy showing it off. I have special American flags that I use for different official holidays and days like Memorial Day when I use a expensive flag that I bought for that one day. I’m always looking for American flags when I go to my estate sales I make it to on the weekends that people have collected themselves. I have a flag that some people ordered from their representative that was one of those that flew on top of the White House. I have a huge American flag that hung outside a post office atop a big flagpole. That one measures 6X9 or bigger, I can’t remember how much it is I forgot but it’s big, it may be 9×12. I bought them from a flea market for $5 dollars, when I had two of them at one time.

    I have taught both my kids and their friends who’ve accompanied us the our local Mardi Gras parade’s we have here in the early Spring that comes just before Easter. When the color guard at the front of the parade comes by I hold my right hand over my heart, and I take my hat off in respect. It’s like a sign of reverence towards the flag for all that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Kids these days are embarrassed to do it, but I get them to do it anyway. Even when the military enactment guys come by and have a color guard in front of the group I salute the American flag then to. I love the American flag, and it gives me a good feeling when I see it. I always like seeing mine hanging in front of my house when I come down the street coming home.

    I used to hang it out only during holidays, but after 9-11 I hang it out all the time now. I figure if any Muslims drive by my house I want them to see that an American lives there and they had just better keep on going, right on back to where they came from. Kids these days don’t know anything about patriotism nor do they have any teaching about the flag from school, the government run, liberal controled public education system. They aren’t being taught anything about being patriotic in these schools these days, and it’s to the detriment to them as a generation. They don’t have any idea about their own country, nor do they care because they haven’t been taught to care by their parents or the schools. And the real shame is that it’s not being taught to them by their parents at home.

    I can remember when we moved into this subdivision that had mostly young people who were mainly under thirty-ish. Out of a 110 houses mine was the only one that had a flag flying in front of it during holidays. I asked around the neighborhood kids and they said they didn’t even own a flag. I can’t understand that. Many years later when we moved into a neighborhood that had many more people who were me and my wife’s age, all had flags hanging out in front of their homes. Gee, I wonder why? You rekond it was a generational thing? I would say so, and it comes from our upbringing, and our schooling. Our parents were all the WWII veterans, and grandparents were WWI veterans so there was all kinds of reasons to be patriotic. American flags hung everywhere back when I was a kid. They hung atop every building downtown, in store windows, and during holidays American flags lined the streets.

    If I see one of those car window flags laying in the street or on the curb right of way I will pull over and park somewhere, run over to it and pick it up and take it home. At our Elks Club once a year on Flag Day they have a ceromony where they have the proper set up to burn flags. And if I have any that need to be destroyed I hold onto them until Flag Day and I take they up there and have them burn them the right way. I still believe that if a flag touches the ground it is supposed to be destroyed. The American flag never touches the ground, nor is it bowed to anyone or for anything. That is why we never bow, or “dip” our nations flag during the Olympics. Several nations complained about us not “dipping” our flag during one Olympic ceremony but we just told them that our flag bows to no one! They didn’t like it but there wasn’t anything they could do about it. Damn right! And don’t ever try! God Bless America, and her flag!!

    • WillofLa: Excellent essay and I couldn’t agree more. Children of today don’t have a clue when it comes to patriotism or respect. When one thinks of all the lives sacrificied to give us what we have today, the meaning of the colors of the flag, to show disrespect to either is disgraceful. That is what happens when irreverant liberals are in charge of public education and parents don’t care enough to pass on the history of the greatest country in the world. We can only hope and pray that there are enough of us left to preserve it for the future. God Bless America and our military.