Poll: The GOP Race Is On

A new poll released by Rasmussen Reports indicates that the GOP Presidential nomination is turning into a tight three-way race between Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.

The poll indicates that 34% of likely Republican primary voters would choose Mitt Romney, 27% would pick Bachmann,  and 26% would vote for yet-to-announce Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Mitt Romney is losing the giant lead that his name recognition afforded him and would indicate that the Tea Party Conservatives may, although divided on the debt-limit bill, be united on a candidate.

Michele Bachmann’s support comes largely from the Tea Parties and social Conservatives. Mitt Romney appeals to conservative democrats and liberal-to-moderate Republicans. Rick Perry fills the void between the two and if he officially announces could pull support from both Bachmann and Romney.

February is still months away, but it would appear that the GOP primaries are still a race worth watching.