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Tragedy Should Be A Teaching Moment

I live in North Carolina. Newbern and a few other communities are underwater and need help. This site made a contribution and  I also did from my personal funds. I then turned to my children and asked them what they they thought they should do.

My youngest is six and doesn’t fully understand money. Her answer was “ten”. I reminded her that her allowance was $1.50 or six quarters and she said, “oh, give them 2″. It took some time to figure out that she meant 1/3rd of her weekly income.

When I brought in my oldest in (9 next month) he looked at me, thought for a second and said, give them my whole allowance, I don’t need it – my eyes watered. That is the lesson I hoped to teach him, but he already knew. We give what we do not need when someone else demonstrates a need.

I had made the cash contributions before my conversation with my son, now, we will be doing even more. Tonight and tomorrow, the whole family will be digging through clothes, tools and toys that we don’t need. Those will get boxed-up and delivered to those that can use them.

We, as parents, are examples for our children. Every once-in-awhile, our children are examples for us.

Blame It On Pandora

In class a couple weeks ago, we read the myth of Pandora to the students because they showed the holy grail of teaching (interest), in the subject.  As it was being read I was struck by many questions. Since suffering existed even when it was imprisoned in Pandora’s box, did people feel it still? Was it that humankind now had a name for the phenomenon? Was it simply human knowledge and understanding that sprung fourth much like the story of the apple in Genesis? I believe it is so. The curse the story speaks of is simply knowledge.  The curse is no curse, for what you don’t know, what you don’t see, and what you refuse to admit can hurt you, and everyone around you. Zeus was not angry at Pandora for opening the box, because he knew she had been given all the gifts of the gods. Eventually, her compassion was used against her by the contents of the box and she was tricked into opening it.

That is not the only way to look at the story.  Pandora can easily be blamed for the evils released upon man, even though she neither made them nor stored them so haphazardly. She’s the silly person who asked too many questions, the curious cat, the sinful and dangerous eve. It’s a simple and trite way to see it, but unfortunately also valid- valid enough that the construct has been used by the U.S. left since President Obama won the office of the Presidency. The plan is simple, put reality in a box and blame Pandora when she opens it.

The curious case of Representative Anthony Weiner is a good start. At the start of the saga was an extraordinarily inappropriate tweet sent from his Twitter account with an accompanying picture. He claimed shortly after through another tweet he was hacked. His evasive and immature behavior after, as well as his refusal to call for an investigation and his hiring of a lawyer were obvious signs of guilt but many chose to believe his story anyway. To rationalize their belief, they went straight after Pandora. The Pandoras in our first case being, an anonymous tweeter who captured the tweet and Andrew Breitbart, of course, who else? Mr. Breitbart was accused of hacking the Representative’s account and posting the picture. No actual evidence ever existed to support that theory, except for more theories.  When Representative Weiner finally admitted to what happened and more, many well-known people who believed Representative Weiner’s initial claim and accused others of severe federal crimes could hardly even muster a sardonic and backhanded apology. For good reason, they didn’t want to know the truth, they were angry at Pandora for opening the box. Yet another box remains, the fact that his behavior showed a quick and sociopathic tendency to lie and infer guilt onto others to protect himself, a lack of morality and an extreme capacity for stupidity. This box is being opened, and you can already hear Jeanine Garofalo baying at the light shed. In her herd, nobody likes Pandora.

The young James O’Keefe is another example. He created those undercover videos of Planned Parenthood, Acorn and other organizations. A youthful firebrand who has made some mistakes in his process, he was instantaneously attacked. While Planned Parenthood continued on even though the video shows clearly an instantaneous and un-questioning support for criminals of the worst kind, the kind of support that is reflective of active policy. If those people cared, they would have had the local Police Department waiting outside the door to arrest what they thought was a child pimp. They wouldn’t wait a couple of hours and contact the Department of Justice (our most liberal D.O.J. in history). According to the left wing the story was more about James O’Keefe, for the purposes of directing attention away from what happened and on to the narrative that anyone who is right on the spectrum is a bad person.

Representative Darrell Issa is another key example. Issa has been working hard to uncover information on project “Fast and Furious”, which pumped illegal weapons into the Mexican Cartels to “track” them, even though there was no plan of action to track them. Whether created out of shear stupidity or for political reasons, we don’t know yet. Multiple people have been killed with the guns willfully allowed to the cartels. The media, after ignoring the story for around a year, have finally started to report on it. Yet again, the focus of the mainstream media, was on Darrell Issa. A full out attack was enacted by liberal propaganda websites going after his criminal record when he was younger. He was convicted of a weapons charge and was charged with auto-theft, but that charge was dropped. This all happened in the early 70’s. Issa’s criminal past is important, at election time, but I find it odd that people wish for that to be the story while we have Americans getting murdered by weapons the government purposely flowed to the cartels. It really is “Iran Contra” on steroids. Darrell Issa became another Pandora ripe for attack for that reason.

There is a new Pandora just recently created through our Debt Ceiling battle in the legislative branch. Throughout the battle the left claimed that if the debt ceiling was not raised they would be downgraded. When the downgrade was made by Standard and Poor’s, the left chose to attack the rating agency. Even though none of the suggestions given by the agency were used. Oddly enough while claiming Standard and Poor’s is wrong the left is blaming the downgrade on the Tea party. Standard and Poor’s simply gave their opinion, which is their job, but that opinion based on the reality of the situation opened another box the left needs to be ignored.

Politics of personal destruction, blame it on Pandora. Thought terminating cliché,Ignoratio elenchi and red herrings are the weaponry being used. You have to see it to defeat it. Support all Pandoras regardless of what they uncover. If you have an issue with it go after the information, not the person. We cannot fall into the rut the left has lived in. You need to try to love those you disagree with, never try to do what the left has done to Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and anyone who confronts them or threatens them. Bring it to the battlefield of ideas, ignore the middle school clique mentality.

The Holy Candidate

With the firestorm of mudslinging that is already taking place so early in the race for presidency, one might find themselves pondering the options they have been given.

It’s been said throughout the history of elections that “no one is perfect”. This in indeed a fact- there is no one, ever, that we will agree with on every single issue, even within the same political party.

Pondering the many issues we are facing as a nation, the search for someone, anyone, who could possibly be good enough to come even remotely close to holding the title of “the perfect candidate” for the Republican nomination in the 2012 election, the mind makes some interesting twist and turns.

There is one that comes to mind that theoretically should have no problem at all being the perfect candidate. In fact, this candidate is so perfect, there is nothing that the main stream media could do to sabotage the truth from being told.

However, while thinking about this perfect candidate, one must also ponder the multitude of issues that would most definitely be twisted around to fit their personal agenda.

This perfect candidate has no flaws and is perfect in every way. He is someone that could not be called unelectable.

By now, you are probably asking yourself who this candidate is, and more importantly, where is he? You very well may be thinking just as many others are: with the options we do have, another option would be great!

What if Yeshua HaMashiach were the Republican Presidential nominee for the 2012 election? You know The One- that boy of Mary and Joseph, the carpenter? Yes, Jesus Christ Himself.

Now that we have established Him as the Republican nominee, let’s take a look at what kind of spin they would put on Jesus’ actions, and just how far some would go to turn His miracles into insults and skepticism just to be used against Him? What would the method of attack be against the Son of God?

Here are a few things that are glaringly obvious that would be twisted for use against Jesus:

  • “Jesus encourages alcoholism; he even turns water into wine for parties.”
  • “He is a known vandal, you’ve heard about him and what he did in the temple. He tossed the temple tables and made a horrendous mess.”
  • “He has practiced medicine without a license repeatedly, and by doing so has taken valuable jobs from skilled medical professionals.”
  • “Jesus has actively participated in removing boatloads of fish at a time, seemingly not concerned about overfishing the area.”
  • “Jesus as president? That would offend too many people! We cannot afford to alienate the rest of the world for the sake the preservation of the United States.”

These are just a few of the talking points you would hear reverberating along the airwaves and circling the globe via social media. Keep in mind we have not even discussed the real issues like The Constitution. It does not take a political science major to know that the first real battle would be separation of church and state. As they say down here in the South, that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms!

While we have seen just looked at the hypothetical candidate, Jesus Christ, it is important to keep your head on straight during the upcoming election season. Always remember while reading and listening to “information” about candidates in each race that even Jesus Christ would not be able to get a fair shake.

Many of the reports that come out are biased to give credence to a given candidate that the network or author supports. Commit to doing your homework- your own, personal research, on the candidates before jumping on the latest wagon that rolls by. There is no perfect candidate, they are all human and have made mistakes just like each one of us have. Ask yourself just one very important question: what if YOU were running for president? What kind of dirt (legitimate mistakes from your past, as well as manipulated half-truths or outright lies) would be dug up on you?

So just remember: the next time you hear the latest gossip about a candidate, Jesus Christ Himself- Savior of the world- wouldn’t even be able to avoid having His words and actions twisted into slanderous attacks on His character.

NC Electric Cooperatives Advise: What to Do When the Lights Go Out

RALEIGH, N.C., Aug. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — North Carolina’s electric cooperatives are reporting approximately 100,000 outages from Hurricane Irene, whose destructive winds and heavy rains lashed North Carolina this morning. As expected, these outages are primarily along the coast and east of I-95. Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands are completely without power. As Hurricane Irene proceeds on its path, additional outages are likely.

As the storm departs, cooperative linemen and contractors from North Carolina and other states will immediately begin restoring service as quickly as possible. Here are some tips on what to do if there is a power outage in your area.

  • Turn off every inside light except one.
  • Raise your cooling system thermostat to 80 degrees or higher.
  • If possible, turn off your electric water heater.
  • Make sure your kitchen range and oven is off.
  • Turn off as many appliances as possible.
  • Avoid opening the freezer door. A full, freestanding freezer will keep food at freezing temperatures about 2 days; a half-full freezer about 1 day.
  • Stay away from downed power lines, and call your local cooperative at once!
  • Leave your porch light on. It will help utility workers gauge their progress in restoring power to your area.
  • When the power comes back on, gradually switch on your appliances, lights and air conditioning.


North Carolina’s electric cooperatives serve approximately 2.5 million people in 93 of the state’s 100 counties.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

If the names Michaele and Tareq Salahi sound vaguely familiar to you, but you just can’t seem to remember where you know it from, there’s little doubt the “White House Party Crashers” should jog your memory.

The White House Crashers, aka Michaele and Tareq Salahi

In November of 2009, the Obama administration came under intense scrutiny with the news broke that there had been a breakdown in security measures taken to protect the leader of the free world. Whether you agree with his policies or not, Barack Obama is the President of The United States of America.

Michaele and Tareq Salahi, now forever known as “The White House Crashers”, managed to slip through any security measures that were in place.  Their names were not on the guest list for the event, which was a state dinner at the White House honoring Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Not only were they successful in slipping through security measures, but they actually shook hands with the president, as well as Vice President Biden, then Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty, Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., and several other prominent people.

When the news story broke in 2009,  Ed Donovan,a spokesman for the White House, stated that the president nor any others in attendance at the state dinner were ever in any danger, because the Salahi’s “went through all the security screenings – the magnetometer screening – just like all the other guests did.”

After the initial incident was reported, rumors began to surface that the Salahi’s were hoping to be cast on the reality show, “The Real Housewives of DC”.  We heard the argument that the Salahi’s crashing a White House event was harmless, and just a way to get attention for the reality show. While that may have been the case, if the Salahi’s were able to achieve the breach of security, what if someone with other motives were just as successful? Not only were the President and Vice President of The United States put in jeopardy, but so was the Prime Minister of India. In a day and age where biological warfare is just as real a threat as guns and explosives, the thought of what could have happened had it been real evil breaching security instead of simply the selfish elite causes great concern.

While the evening in 2009  ended with more embarrassment, and thankfully without anyone being harmed, many questions have been raised about the Salahi’s, who Donovan later confirmed to be “well-known Virginia horse-country set” people. This latest incident is not the only scandals to have swirled around them since that night in 2009.

Here we are again, with yet another scandal involving them. The Salahi’s are a prime example of how actions speak louder than words. The liberal, progressive left speak words of sacrifice for others, but their actions scream self-seeking greed- exactly what they accuse conservatives of being. That is not to say that there are not conservatives who are self-seeking and greedy, or who do not have scandals involving them. We all know that is just a fact of humanity. The real issue is that the liberals tout a “holier-than-thou” attitude, claiming they are the ones who truly care, while the conservatives just want to hurt the poor and throw grandma off the cliff.

Former talk-show host Montel Williams

In a Press Release from LUCID Public Relations today, the company that represents former talk-show host Montel Williams reports that his name has been used to promote an event that claims association with the White House Crashers. The organization has claimed that Mr. Williams will be attending the event, and that his foundation, which is dedicated to furthering the research and study of multiple sclerosis, are actual supporters of the event.

“It has come to our attention that a group claiming to be associated with Tareq and Michaele Salahi have announced that Mr. Williams will be attending an event at their Oasis Winery in Virginia and that Montel Williams’ MS Foundation is also a supporter – neither is true.”

While this incident is not an issue of national security, nor does it even involve the president in the least, it does call into question how the presidency of the first Social Media driven president has impacted our society. In a world where “reality” is now what is seen through the lens of staged drama and cat-fights between the elite housewives around the country, any hope of waking up the clueless seems to be less and less likely.

The actual facts and figures in black and white are cast aside by main stream media outlets, who instead put their liberal agenda spin on the issues and feed it to the masses who buy into their skewed and manipulated perception of reality.  The liberal leaders, talking heads and political pundits preach to their cult following condemning conservatives as being “selfish” and not willing to “pay their fair share”, yet they refuse to take a long, hard look at the actual facts. They tout the mantra of the progressive agenda, completely ignoring how the movement is slowly, yet ever increasingly destroying the very foundation of this nation.

From the Salahi’s who are willing to sneak past security, misrepresent themselves in the name of charity for the ill, and other less-than-honest practices just to gain wealth and fame to false identity of the Hollywood elite, this administration is the epitome of how reality is not always what it seems. The liberals talk a good talk, but do not walk the walk of having great concern for their fellow man, much less those less fortunate. The liberal, progressive left speak in platitudes of  how we should tax the rich to give to the “poor”, rather than expecting that each person has a responsibility within the society they are a part of.

The actions of the liberal left speak much louder than the words spewing from their haughty, idealistic mouths. The actions of the liberal, progressive left define selfishness and self-serving attitude, all the while their blaring hypocrisy can be seen miles away. While selfishness is a common character trait of the human race, it is Conservatives who hold the belief that by expecting each person to do their very best for themselves and the good of society, we are in fact empowering them to live an independent, productive, meaningful and fulfilled life rather than enabling them to depend on the rest of society.

What it Means to Me to Be an American

I found an old paper my father wrote a long time ago – May 1955 to be exact.

I knew my father had strong feelings about our country later on in life, but I didn’t really know much about it early on.

I am going to share it with all of you – remember this was originally written in 1955 but it still has a tremendous meaning even today.


     Being an American means Democracy. Democracy is a government of the people, by the people, for the people, as Lincoln defined it in his famous Gettysburg Address. But it is more than that. It is a way of thinking, and a way of living. It is the foundation on which our civilization is built, and on which it must continue to rest. It is an American ideal, resulting from inheritance and environment.

    Our forefathers made great sacrifices to lay the foundations for our government, which each generation has helped to build.  This government is based upon the ideals of freedom, equality, opportunity, and cooperation.  These ideals represent the American way of life – the democratic way.

    Democracy recognizes the importance of the people through representative government.  It safeguards and protects them by its laws.  It provides them the opportunity to attain whatever success they desire. It offers the condition for a higher standard of living than any other country. More than anything else it stands for freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

    These principles of democracy have made our people happier, more progressive, more creative, and more energetic than any other people.  A democracy gives us all these advantages and privileges but it also places upon us certain responsibilities.  If we are worthy to accept the democratic way of life we must be willing to assume our duty, and help keep it democratic.  We young Americans hold the fate of the coming years in our hands. We must work out the future of our country.  First of all, we must learn to fully appreciate the many privileges which are ours.

    What does democracy mean to me?

Next to the gift of life, it is the greatest of all gifts.

© 1955 Tom Cox

Some points in this piece I don’t agree with completely, maybe it is the strong Conservative and Christian  beliefs I have. But whatever it may be I am still glad for now that we have our freedoms to say and do as we wish. I hope you enjoyed this small piece as much as I did.

It is funny how 56 years has gone passed and the meaning is still the same.

Hurricane Irene Came Ashore .. We Think

Living in North Carolina, I have been following Hurricane Irene closely. She came onshore at Cape Lookout, NC at about 7:30am eastern .. I think.

First, let me say that I am thrilled that the storm has had a much more minimal impact on North Carolina, but being a curious person, I am stumped why the difference in NOAA’s numbers and actual surface wind speeds.

Take a look at the surface wind map below. Those flags show winds no greater than 40mph and there’s only one station on the outer banks even reporting that (each full tine on the flag = 10mph each 1/2 tine is 5mph). The rest are showing winds that are below tropical storm threshold (39mph).

So what happened to 85mph with 100mph gusts? Is this the big storm that didn’t? I’d hate to belittle the storm as the rain contained in the storm will still present a real flood danger to anyone in its path, but as a wind event, not so much.

So far there have been three deaths, including one child in Virginia. Two due to trees being blown down and one a heart attack while boarding up a home. While tragic, trees go down and people get killed in thunderstorms. The widespread damage associated with Hurricanes like Ike and Katrina is not evident with this storm.

I don’t have any reason to doubt the wind measurements that the NOAA P3 Orion’s took at altitude, but the surface measurements are a mystery.

Estimates were for Billions of dollars in damage from Irene, but so far, two piers in the outer banks seem to have gone missing, but little else has been shown or reported. Hopefully this will turn out to be just a large thunderstorm.

One concern might be that with current weather patterns, we’ll see more storms hit the east coast. If the next one is really dangerous, people might not take it seriously after this badly mis-estimated one. I hope that NOAA takes it upon to find out why the difference between their projections and actual measurements taken on the ground. The credibility of hurricane and tropical storm warnings depends upon it.

Charity Claiming Association With White House Party Crashers Under Investigation

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — “It has come to our attention that a group claiming to be associated with Tareq and Michaele Salahi have announced that Mr. Williams will be attending an event at their Oasis Winery in Virginia and that Montel Williams’ MS Foundation is also a supporter – neither is true. We discovered that Mr. Williams’ name and the name of his charitable foundation had been used without any notification or permission whatsoever via an article posted online by the Washington Examiner.”

“We are extremely concerned that donations were being solicited using Montel’s good name and record of advocacy on behalf of MS sufferers worldwide without our knowledge or permission, and are currently investigating the circumstances that led up to this.”

“Throughout the day our office has been contacted by multiple governmental agencies, including law enforcement investigating the group responsible for this event. We would like to reassure Montel’s fans and the millions of people who follow his work on behalf of those suffering with MS that Montel has not, nor will he ever be associated with the Salahis, their charitable foundation or this event; and that our office is actively cooperating with the governmental agencies who made contact with us.”

We will be happy to elaborate on our statement, and the actions we are taking to ensure the record is corrected in this matter.

For Montel Williams:

Jonathan H. Franks
LUCID Public Relations
[email protected]

SOURCE LUCID Public Relations

Web Site:

Texas Supreme Court Decision Strengthens State’s Workers’ Comp Law

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Supreme Court of Texas issued a decision today in Texas Mutual Insurance Company v. Timothy J. Ruttiger that strengthens a law affecting millions of Texans—the Workers’ Compensation Act.

The Court reversed the Houston Court of Appeals and rendered judgment that Mr. Ruttiger take nothing on his Insurance Code and Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act claims.

Justice Phil Johnson wrote in strong terms that a bad faith cause of action is inconsistent with the current workers’ compensation system.

“[If the plaintiff were to prevail, the precedent would build] additional costs into the system by increasing litigation expense to employees, insurers and employers,” Justice Johnson wrote. “The way the dispute was resolved after Ruttiger initiated the dispute resolution process is the way the Act is designed to function.”

Lawsuits claiming “bad faith” on the part of all insurance carriers, Texas Mutual included, were on the increase when the Ruttiger case first came to the courts. In 2004, Texas Mutual disputed Mr. Ruttiger’s claim for an on-the-job injury because his employer reported that he was hurt at a non-work related softball game. Texas Mutual ultimately entered into a compromise agreement with Mr. Ruttiger over the claim. In 2006, a trial court found that the company’s adjuster had acted in “bad faith” by believing the employer instead of Mr. Ruttiger. The court awarded money to Mr. Ruttiger in excess of the amounts Texas Mutual had already paid him to cover his medical costs and replace his wages. He was also awarded extra money for his “mental anguish over having his claim disputed.”

The First Court of Appeals in Houston upheld the original decision, and Texas Mutual appealed to the Supreme Court.

“The Texas Supreme Court has today given careful consideration to the many speedy remedies and protections that the Legislature has granted to injured workers,” Mary Barrow Nichols, General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Texas Mutual, said.  “It found that permitting an injured worker to additionally recover with a lawsuit of this kind is inconsistent with these remedies and protections. This decision is a significant victory for Texas employers.”

To see the full text of the decision, please visit

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Austin-based Texas Mutual Insurance Company is the state’s leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance, with approximately 32 percent of the market. Since 1991, the company has provided a stable, competitively priced source of workers’ comp insurance for Texas employers. Helping employers prevent workplace accidents is a major part of Texas Mutual’s mission. For more information,

Media Contact:
Elizabeth Christian
[email protected]
Kristin Marcum
[email protected]
Elizabeth Christian & Associates Public Relations
(512) 472-9599

SOURCE Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Web Site:

People for the Ethical Treatment of .. Rocks

Appearing at a People Against Dangerous Environmentalism (PADE – pronounced ‘paid’) event, former Vice President Al Gore said that the spotted owl, delta smelt and albino salamander are to blame for the warming of the earth. The sudden proliferation of those protected species and the sudden over-reliance upon solar farms and windmills is creating a warming effect in the atmosphere directly over so-called “green states”.

Having recently pointed out that everything from breathing to cow farts were contributing to man-made global warming, Mr. Gore now explains how environmentalism has become a major contributor to the problem.

There are entire companies springing-up that promote the protection of certain animals and certain types of green energy. Some of them are OK, especially the ones I have a financial stake in. The others, however, are dangerous and we must shut them down – or take them over if that’s to my .. er .. our advantage.

Gore has recently railed against people that eat beef, farmers, people who walk on the left side of the sidewalk, take up two parking spots and “idiots that take the last cup of coffee without making a new pot”. “I can’t believe that everyone isn’t mad at those people. They’re wrong, all of them, and their killing our children – and also – grandma.”

Not everyone is falling in-line with Al’s version of climatology and he’s not taking it sitting down. In a recent conversation with Alex Bogusky, he paralleled climate skepticism to racism saying, “When racist comments would come up in the course of conversations, There came a time when people said, ‘Hey man, why do you talk that way? That’s wrong, I don’t go for that, so don’t talk that way around me. I just don’t believe that.”

Gore also recently visited a solar energy plant in the middle of a baron desert where he scolded the plant owners. After expressing his concerns for the safety of plant workers due to “attacks by spice worms”, Al Gore turned his focus to the company that built the plant.

This plant has irreversibly destroyed 13 cacti which were taking carbon out of the atmosphere and putting it in the sand – where it belongs. Instead of a few cactus, now we have all of you here breathing and stuff – which is bad – really, really bad.

When asked what humans should do, Mr. Gore responded, “Live naked in mud huts, of course – and eat rocks – because rocks don’t remove carbon from the atmosphere.” Joe Blow, president of PETR (people for the ethical treatment of rocks) could not be immediately reached for comment.


This entire article is satire, fiction, false, not real, made-up, imaginary. Well, Al Gore is real – unfortunately.

The Makings of Men: Obama and Perry

If the latest polls are any sign, Perry is likely to be the GOP selection to run for President in 2012 against Barack Obama. How do they stack up against each other?

Political Career:

Rick Perry: Most re-elected governor of Texas – 3 terms. Before that: elected to the state House of Representatives, agriculture commissioner and lieutenant governor

Barack Obama: 1/2 term as Illinois Senator, about to be a one-term president.


Rick Perry: Didn’t screw up a vibrant Texas economy – governed over the state that had the largest number of private sector jobs created during the recession.

Obama: Governed over a worsening economy, spent trillions, grew the government to an unsustainable size, pushed healthcare further from a solution and more towards government control, went on vacation..a lot, killed Osama bin Laden, the surge in Afghanistan, attacked Libya, took over GM.

Young Adulthood:

Rick Perry: Served his country as an Air Force pilot

Obama: Went to a lot of school, got a law degree, all without writing a single paper.

Congressional Fear Factor

Have you noticed how the politicians are running and hiding like cockroaches when you turn the light on in a public restroom? What has them so scared? The answer, my friends is, WE THE PEOPLE are the ones that have them running to hide!

While on break, members of congress are holding far less town hall meetings compared to just a few years ago. Almost 70% of Democrats and half of Republicans are not holding town halls. One might assume they are quite possibly a bit afraid of facing the people they represent. We The People- the taxpayers of this great country, who have allowed each one of these elected “leaders” to represent us.

Could it be that they know they have not done the job they were hired to do? Could it be they have had a brief moment of clarity and realize they are going to have to answer for the fact that they have continued to reach into the pockets of the citizens of this nation to finance endeavors despite that fact that they were explicitly told no?  They know they have backed programs that destroy private sector jobs and made government larger. They know We The People DEMANDED that the “usual way of doing things in Washington” had to stop!

They may think they can avoid us and get by without paying the toll they owe, but we have news for them:

“You will pay the piper when your reelection comes!”   

It would serve each of them well to remember what happened to Arlen Specter in 2009 when he held a town hall meeting and was taken to the mat by citizens over the health care “reform”.  Specter’s town hall meeting was not the only town hall meeting that drew harsh criticism from constituents on the health care issue. Many politicians felt the wrath of the common American citizen as they faced the people that elected them to be their voice in Washington.

This is just one of the issues that we must remember when it comes election time. If they vote against the people’s will, then have the audacity to try to avoid us, then it is time we hand them their pink slip and make them listen.

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