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Obama Blames “Bad Luck” For Slow Economy, Then Goes On Vacation

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  1. He’s NEVER at fault! HA! HA! He has W on his forehead showing US Bush is his constant target and won’t take any blame even though all is happening on his watch. The number one quest is TO IMPEACH THIS TRAITOR who is doing all against America to better his kin in the OPEC Nations. He doesn’t care about US nor our Allies who desperately need our help. We should be in Israel helping them and NOT helping the TYRANTS and TERRORISTS. Owe.bama is out to help by USing US by raising the cost of PETRO and to empower Muslimland. He should be creating jobs in America where we can do our own drilling, put Americans back to work, STOP sending jobs abroad and stop closing American jobs and bailing them out. Where is our 9the People’s) bailout money – so many Americans homes have been foreclosed on – – – ALL BECAUSE OF OWE.BAMA!The next thing he’ll want is to bring more of his kin to America, those he’s empowered with the US Dollar to overtake America. I’m so afraid of this occurring and he’ll have the foreclosed homes to set them up in – all of which was his doing to remove people from their homes by taking their jobs away