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Making the Cut

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  1. Benjamin Wallace

    Thank you FE. I agree on the don’t touch areas. In some cultures the elderly are held in high esteem. It seems that here in America as of late they have been used as piggy banks ad political pawns. I wish all Americans would pray for our leaders every day. With the way some of our “leaders” behave and vote, the Lord is our only hope to return our country to the glory she once was and the bright light she has been for so many.

  2. Bravo! Clean house from top to bottom. Cut overhead. There are far too many unneeded positions. Although as a federal employee I do not want to lose my job, I see senseless spending on things that are not important in these tough times. What jobs are important? — what keeps us safe; the infrastructure; education, our future leaders, etc. I’m not an accountant, but the “nice to have” departments of the government may need to be cut. Not social security, not medicare, medicaid, whose recipients are Americans who have worked their whole lives for just a little bit of income every month. Most can hardly survive on what they receive. We are the United States, the number one country in the world. To our leaders, I pray for you, “May the Lord be your wisdom and may you find His answer.”