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Liberalism and Child Play

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  1. I’m at my wits end! I just don’t know how much more I could have done. I continueally contacted Congressmen and Senator’s both mine(I don’t have to worry about mine because they are both conservatives with a long history of fighting against the Marxists), and those from the Democrat Party, that is those who would allow American’s who aren’t in their district to email them. I don’t like calling representatives because you don’t ever get to talk to a actual rep. you always end up talking to some staff person who either just says,” Yes, you’re right.” or “Rep. so-n-so is following the Constitution!” or some other BS. Liberal staff are the worse because they are as brain washed as the rep. they work for. They will not listen to you, and you can’t reason with them. I can remember some time ago Reid used to have a FAX number. And I would send him some scorching FAX’s. Then I notice he took his FAX number off his Senate site. So, now you either call him or nothing because you can’t get into his site unless you “hack” it. And I have figured out how to do that if you can get a zip code from some area that is in their district. Then you can get in but you have to be accurate. I don’t want to say how I do it here but I have learned how to hack Reid’s site, Pelosi’s site, and others. It took some work, but they can’t stop my scorching emails I send them.

    There’s nothing more to do to try to stop these Marxist because the ones who are the most dangerous and damaging have moved themselves into “safe” districts where they can’t ever be voted out of office. The only way to deal with them is to elect a conservative President and take over both Houses. But to try to get rid of these people like Reid, Schumer, Durbin, and the rest, and especially like Shiela Jackson Lee who takes campaign money from Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist organizations to add to all the dumb Negros who live in her district. She will remain in office unless the dumb Negros in her district finally wake the hell up, which probably won’t ever happen because they’re all on Welfare and Food Stamps. Mrs. Lee the terrorist supporter, and dumb Negro representative is one of those who see Blacks in America as never being more that Second Class citizens. She will never let her constiuents feel like they come under the same Constitutional rights as I do, but we wouldn’t want them to know that would we? I can’t stand her guts! Nor any of the other Marxists!

    • Will, I as you make spelling errors, and unfortunately it’a usually the result of rushing and this WordPress template offers no edit function for comments. One of it’s many shortcomings I would observe. However, when you angrily compound that by posting this comment>>> “dumb Negros” you really left yourself wide-open.

    • On your stated frustration. I send emails to politicians also. My two up in the liberal cesspool of NY regularly receive sarcastic put-downs and not requests for intelligent action on their part as such is a waste of time. An adjunct endeavor to that which you do that COULD BE PRODUCTIVE is to forward intelligently composed positions, links, whatever…to your personal mail list/s. Influencing the hearts and minds of the VOTERS, not the politicians, is the way to bring about change. Sure.., support your politicians when they act right. They need that encouragement to sustain their backbones and keep standing tall. I regularly do that with topic and comment posts I make here, sending them to BOTH targets, political representatives and friends. Its MY WAY to exert what I consider to be my personal civic responsibility to advocate on behalf of THE TRUTH to inspire others to do likewise and to EFFECTIVELY use the Communications Superhighway. I don’t try to sell political positions, that’s why we’re in this mess we’re in. I try to sell positions conceived in what I BELIEVE is the right thing to do.

  2. “Put a lid on government spending”
    It’s always important to stress that when the Federal government uses the word “Cut”, they don’t mean it the way you’d assume. Cut, to the Federal Gov, means a reduction in the future rate of spending, not a decrease in the existing amount already being spent (this is why the debt ceiling increase of $2.1t is already spent).
    To cut $2.4 trillion in the next 10 years means that future budgets will not increase from the existing amounts already being spent by that amount. A Super Congress decision to cut Defense spending by 3%, for example, will not reduce the $531b already being spent annually by 3% (or $16b to $515b), it will simply prevent it from increasing to whatever it would have been without the 3% decrease (pick a number out of a hat that suits you)! Of course, with the effects of inflation and the like, these reductions do have major implications but to understand this is to understand why revenues are not the problem, it’s the spending.

  3. CUT, CUT, CUT!!! What do Obama, and the Senate think we want? Higher taxes? NO! More regulation? NO! We want a debt-free future. We do not care about turtle crossings, chinese hookers and how much they drink, shrimp running on treadmills, or the all important penis size question… we don’t want the EPA, the TSA, or half of the other initials in our government. We want to keep more of our hard earned dollars in our own pockets. Cut Spending. That is all we expect.