Is Gallup Showing a Bias for Obama?

By | August 13, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Is Gallup Showing a Bias for Obama?

  1. Joseph Owens

    THis is a very stupid magazine. You make no sense all.

  2. Anonymous

    That poll must have been coordinated with consultation from Debbie Wafflehead Schultz, the new DNC(DemocraticNonsenseCheerleader) head who made this remarkable statement recently;
    “The president is in actually remarkably good shape, given that he is still struggling to help pull our economy out of the Republican — the Republican recession that he inherited. His numbers are still strong. He still has widespread support. If anyone is in trouble, it’s the Republican Party,” As I try to ignore her horrific grammatical construction as she opened up, in the context of economics, she continued at this late hour to lay all blame for Obama’s debt problems at Little Georgie-boy Bush’s political doorstep. She makes good sense ONLY when you’re the mouthpiece for The One who never accepts personal responsbility for anything negative. Does she forget how quickly The One rejected out-of-hand his own debt commission’s recommendations for bringing some sanity to government spending and the accumulated debt. Simpson and Bowles were kicked under the White House back porch like a pair of itinerant vagrants. So much for Hope and Change on the watch of The One.

    All this begets one to ask…’How deluded are these demonRATs?’ In every prior election in this modern era the rallying cry at the ballot box has been…IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID! One wonders why the RATs are deaf, dumb and blind to the lessons of history once again. So preoccupied are they with plugging up the holes of their far-left dissention that they appointed Wafflehead to go forth and rally the despirited anarchists. That strategy reveals how VERY WORRIED they really are.

  3. Ranger

    Not much of a surprise, the leftward tilt of the mass media is everywhere.