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GOP Debate: Winners & Losers, But Mostly Losers

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  1. What bothers me the most is that I know the leftist media is going to pull out all the stops on attacks on any candidate that is someone who is a real conservative. With Biden calling the Tea Party “terrorists” we can expect the media to run with that in their accusations against anyone running on our side especially if they are a Tea Party candidate. God help them, because they’re going to need all the help they can get.

    Obama always remains above the frey. You know that was said about him in every conservative blog and article that came out about Obama back in ’07 and ’08 leading up to the election. He will get his MSM junk yard dogs who he will sehck(spell?) on anyone who runs against him.

    These candidates we have now would be good Democrat candidates that the Democrat party would put up against Obama to make him look good when he beat them bad in debates. Encumbents always have the advantage of having more info to use against their opponents that usually ends up in their opponents demise. And with these guys on stage last night, it would be easy to beat them because of their backgrounds haven’t prepared them for what they’d face by intruders attacking them at every turn during their campaign. It’ll be liberal attackers going after these candidates like they did Romney yesterday afternoon.

  2. I think that if Obama is going to be the Democrats candidate for President, he ought to be made to go through the verification process that all the candidates had to go through back in ’08 when he first ran. If any other person runs as a Democrat, Obama would have to reprove that he was a “natural born” citizen, I want to see those 9 passports that Obama is said to have, all with different countries of birth on them, and what about all those school records he had locked up in the Dean’s safe at the University of Illnois with orders that they not be shown to anyone unless they have a hand written letter with Obama’s signiture on it. That won’t happen.

    I believe that Obama have to be made to debate whoever it is that runs against him. Of course we may see someone run against him so it makes him look like he is having to fight for his job, you know just for looks, kinda like they do in the former Soviet Union. He would get this milk toast candidate that he would beat handily and it wouild make him look real good. But what if the guy, or woman like Hillary decided that they wouldn’t go along with the game plan and start asking him questions about his lack of making Congress come up with a budget for three years, and by the time 2012 comes along it would have been for his whole first term. The Democrats don’t want a budget because a budget to us means that there is spending caps and cuts in order to not spend any money on things that cause the debt to income ratio to be out of balance. Obama might not be able to answer those questions, and if he didn’t what would be his excuse when everyone knows that America and our government is supposed to have a budget in order to keep from getting into the fix it’s in now. And ObamaCare has just been deemed “unconstitutional” by the 11th Circut Court of Appeals in Philidelphia today. What about that? What would he say to the American people that would convince them that the court was wrong? And I could go on and on.

  3. All these guys have run for President before, if not more than once. We know all we need to know about these guys and they were losers then, why would we change our minds now since it’s been “x” years since they ran? No, they haven’t changed a bit. As a matter of fact they are worse because their message is the same as it was with just a few changes for the times, not substance. They offer nothing that their history would prove them to be someone who’s time has come. Maybe Michell Bachman might be a better choice of them all, but we haven’t seen everyone who plans on running.

    If we get past the New Hampshire and Iowa primaries and a candidate doesn’t show up that all conservatives could get behind, that we know would be able to beat Obama, has been in government so would know how to deal with the Washington crowd, has been in on the voting against all this Socialist Democrat stuff that they have tried to ram down our throats and has a history that is verifiable to be conservative, and has nothing in their past that the leftist media could dig up on him or her, then and only then would that be a candidate that we might be able to consider as our candidate.

    And time in this process we don’t find a candidate that we can get behind, then we had better put all our effort to make absolutely sure that we can clean out the Senate, and hell, the rest of Congress to. And now that I think about it we DO have alot of work to do in cleaning out the Congress like getting rid of people like Boehner and McConnell and the rest of the cronie country club big government Republican’s we know as RINO’s. Get their butts out of there, and get the Socialist Democrats out of the Senate so that Reid is surrounded by conservatives and cannot do anything whatsoever except be the only “no” vote on what’s left of the Democrat side. That’s what I want to see because Reid has been the power over the Senate since 2004. There wasn’t that much resistance against him by the Republican controlled Senate because they lost the Senate in 2006 and Reid took charge and has been a thorn in the side of this nation ever since.

    I have emaile both Romney and Gingrich serveral times and told them and told them to get out of the race so that space can be made for a candidate of more conservative values can be seen by the American people. Because as long as you are there making a big noise and, like, Gingrich, coming up with all these “ideas” and programs that he cooks up all the time for American’s to join and partisipate in his scheme to do I don’t know what. None of the programs that Gingrich has cooked up in the past ten years has made a scratch against the Socialist Democrat aganda. None of his ideas has slowed them down a single bit. So what would he be able to do as President? If he can’t come up with some idea or program for American’s to get behind and have some affect on the speed the Democrats are tearing this country down at all. So what is he talking about. What are any of these guys talking about? They are not speaking my language.