Dear Janeane Garafalo: Not Again!

By | August 29, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Dear Janeane Garafalo: Not Again!

  1. Marla

    Just think, I used to like her. Now I can’t stand her. I will not watch or buy another video she is in. Go away Janeane and shut your mouth. You are a hypocrite. You make your money as a capitalist but, yet you want the rest of us to life as socialist. Tell me, will you be spreading your wealth around? I doubt it! If you don’t agree with Obama and spread your wealth around, doesn’t that make you a racist too?

    1. Kira Davis Post author

      I too used to be a fan. I definitely share your disappointment and I probably won’t ever watch another show she’s in because of her ignorance.