Dead Skunk, Stinkin’ to High Heaven

By | August 21, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Dead Skunk, Stinkin’ to High Heaven

  1. Kira Davis Post author

    Opposite! Ennui breeds more regulation, as to preserve the ennui. That’s the problem. Its the apathetic union workers who say “I need 3 more 20 minute breaks in my day and no lifting anything over 2lbs” that lobby for the regulation that ultimately enacts those things into law (or at least company policy) and create a hellish behemoth like the DMV on a Monday morning in the first place.

    On a personal note – nice post! Looking forward to reading more.

  2. doctorhugo

    i’m somewhat of a proponent of the observation that when one sees an article he can get the gist f it by reading the opening and closing sentences. It usually works,. because the opening sentence sets the scene for the subject under discussion and the closing sentence offers a conclusion.

    Here we have…
    “Conservatives make a fundamental mistake regarding government employees. Frequently, Conservatives rail against lazy workers, using the enthusiasm–challenged as examples of all that’s wrong with government.”
    followed by…
    “Which is why I’m now calling on conservatives to live and let live with the lethargic and embrace the ennui.”

    I’m not sure if this entire piece was conjured up to be an exercise in sarcasm (as no referenced article regarding VDOT scientist Bridget Donaldson was noted at all), but I did note in between those lines that you allowed there was a significant problem and said problem was exacerbated by a middle-level big government functionary. Why then would you want to apply thew Niuxonian “benign neglect” protocol to saaid problem? It makes no rational sense…FOR A CONSERVATIVE. What you fail to take note of that said functionary is just like all here brethren “big”government bureaucrats. Never one to let slip away the opportunity to JUSTIFY THEIR COLLECTIVE EXISTENCE! So onward and backward she marches, as it’s all on the “taxpayers'” backs anyway, and instigates government involvement in so ridiculous a venture as to defie credulity.

    Postscript; This is my last post here. I don’t know how any of you others feel, but I complained once in a post about the annoying obstruction of an “ADVERTISE! bar to the left of the box wherein one is supposed to compose comments. The site owner has the perfect right to encourage such activity to support the expense of maintaining this site, BUT how much disdain does it show for those who use this site and keep it active to refuse to move that annoying icon that makes reviewing one’s post prior to hitiing “Submit Comment” all but impossible. Good luck. it’s been fun.