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One thought on “Corporate Personhood

  1. WillofLa

    Yeah, I’m going to be biased, I’m not going to waste my time to read the “other side’s” viewpoint because since it’s coming from liberal Democrats it’s got to be stupid and dumb. And, no, I really don’t care what they say. Besides, the left are responsible for all the problems we’ve had as a society for over the pass 50+ years. So, I’m just going to comment on this article since it’s the only one that makes sense. And saying that I must mean that liberals viewpoint can’t make any sense? No, not necessarily, but yes in most cases about things that are the issues that are important to all of us, and not just corporations.

    Corporations have been the thing that has gaged what America is doing as compared to businesses outside the country…overseas. The rest of the world compares itself to our corporations and how they are put together, how much money they make, and how well they are run, and lastly, how long they last *how they go down when they are finished/go out of business. Of course corporations should have a sayso when they are called before a bunch of stupid Democrats in Washington for some Communist show trial like this is Russia or someplace.

    I really makes me mad when I see the very corrupt Democrats demand that certain corporate CEO’s come before them for a spanking. These corporate CEO’s should tell these blow hards to go hang it in their butts! They aren’t coming to sit before their show trial just so these leftists who soak the very corporations that they call to Washington demand proof that their books are correct if the corporation has had some down quarter or something. I think the CEO’s should be free to tell the public who is watching on TV that these politician’s sitting before them are the very ones who give the CEO’s easy laws making it possible for their corporation to make alot more money, and in return the corporations give this particular politician a bunch of money for reelection. And the CEO’s should be free to tell the public how much influence can be bought from this particular politician, like Joe Biden. Joe Biden sells more influence than anyone else in the Democrat party. I think the people should know these things, don’t you?

    And anything McCain or Feingold could come up with that does anything isn’t worth the paper the bill is printed on. Look at this law they cooked up. Besides McCain didn’t do any of it. Feingold and the other leftists in the Democrat party cooked it up. Then they went looking for a sap to put their name on it so it would look “bipartisan”. There is no such thing as “bipartisanship” or any dirivative of that.

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