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California’s ‘Boondoggle’ Report – I mean High Speed Rail Report

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  1. If California decides to go forward with this BOONDOGGLE, they can count fly over country out for a bail out. I can guarantee you that us hard working country people are in no mood to allow our Governor to aid them in their plight. We are sick of bail outs and we are working hard to cut our own budgets to the core here. We are laying of exes State Government workers and we are not ashamed of it. What an absolute unjust waste of money in a time of crises that project is. That is exactly why I will never live in California again. God willing anyway.

    This is another perfect example of Obama’s lack of understanding on how to reinvigorate a stagnant economy and encourage proper development. Transportation is not our problem today. The lack of investment in sound industry and business development is. Government intervention in the energy of free enterprise has stifled it’s natural process. Obama will never understand this, it is not in his aptitude. Entrepreneurs are created out of necessity as necessity is the mother of invention. There are many capable, creative, inventive and innovative people in this Country.

    However the engine is stalled by Government regulation and restriction causing lack of capitol injection. This is truly squelching the human spirit. More debt and burden of taxation on the backs of this great human resource will not benefit the Nation. I do not believe God will bless it. It is the design and device of tyrants. We as a people in a Representative Republic, have rejected tyranny and I for one do not want it back.

    • Sorry for the misspell in first paragraph: I meant, ( laying off excess State Government workers) sorry.