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7 thoughts on “Bill Maher Wins!

  1. Jan Brown

    Living in your house must be quite a trip!! Tell me,my creative friend, are the wall padded?

  2. JBH

    I completely agree. No common sense, just empty puppeteering and ventriloquism.

  3. Rich


    I disagree with Maher on lots of things, but really, this is immature.

  4. Max

    This very well might be the worlds ugliest breed. Certainly a strong contender.

    1. C. Glasl

      So true… the press and the “comedy” circuit are full of it… I mean, full of them. :)

      1. R. Mitchell

        Ah Viacom – MTV and Comedy Central’s parent. Viacom is itself a liberal lapdog and uses MTV and CC to sell liberalism to the nation’s youth.

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