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America: At a Moral Crossroad

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  1. Just because a person is not a Christian, it doesn’t make them a liberal. I am a Fiscal Conservative who believes in small government, low taxes, and less government intrusion. I believe in your right to practice your religion. I do not, however, think that you have the right to bash others who don’t have your religious or moral views. Some of you need to discover a little bit of tolerance for others. Jesus didn’t look down on people who were different, or try to bully them, so why do his followers do so?

  2. Kilps,

    I don’t appreciate the email you sent. In fact, why does CDN post my email address? (CDN?????????)

    If you want to discuss YOUR article… do it here, not in a personal email. So I’m copying your email here so we can discuss it here:

    R Kilps wrote: “It isn’t just the liberals who need to realize this–it is all Americans! The Lord Jesus Christ died for ALL humans because ALL humans are born with the ability to do tremendously wicked things. From my conservative viewpoint I say that conservatives are more accountable for their morality than liberals because most conservatives already have serious moral (Bible based) convictions–where as liberals have a hard time understanding the obvious differences between WHAT REALLY is right and and what really is wrong in almost any scenario.

    JUST being a die-hard politically conservative in all that you do will not ‘save’ this country from financial ruin. Economic morals and spiritual morals go hand in glove. One without the other will NOT work. Just look at the economic and spiritual mess in Europe! And all their anti-God (of the Bible) socialistic economic philosophies are being reincarnated in America’s way of live through the person of Barack Obama.

    R Kilps”

    Kilps, Personally, I don’t care for religions. None are symbols of human purity. While you might think highly of yours, its not. How many millions of native americans were exterminated under our forefathers misguided notion of manifest destiny? All religions have their dark little closets of perpetrating untold evils on mankind. In many cases, entire causes are hidden behind religion in order to advance an agenda.

    Religion made conquering America “feel good” and “righteous.” One example of many…. Manifest destiny awarded 23 recipients the medal of honor for massacring 300 unarmed native americans at Wounded Knee. Ethnic cleansing at its finest hour. Can you explain that glorious little piece of history?

    Look at religion today. It’s muslims against christians. And both sides are marching toward ultimate nuclear conflict. Because both sides are idiots. They both follow ancient scripts they believe are “holy” and God’s instruction manual on how to kill your enemies. So, with their brainwashed masses (humans can be very weak minded and so gullible… just ask the 900 who drank the koolaid at Jonestown… wait… they all committed suicide) they march the world to the mother of all battles. And for what?

    You might be wondering why my original comment was so nice, urging liberals to abandon their secular ways. That is because morals are by-and-large a religious thing, which happen to serve large societies well. Societies need morals, just as we need laws.

    One more observation before I hand it back to you. The Bible, the Koran, Book of Mormon, (Insert ALL religious text) are man-made scripts. It is the nut jobs following their own little scripts, to satisfy their religious masters, that is the cause of our involvement in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and possibly Iran. 9/11 was a religious attack… carried out by muslims who hate Jews and Americans. As a Diest, I look at all of this foolishness and am left to decide who I would rather be with in a foxhole. You see, I have no power to change a script that has brainwashed billions of people. But I have the power to pick allies. And that is why I support Christianity, Israel, and Conservatives, and I label them as “Good” in my perception of muslims being “Evil.”

  3. 1) America is not a Christian nation. Fact. For it to be a Christian nation, Christianity would be a State Religion, and it would be illegal to have other faiths. You know, like in most dictatorial nations. It is irrelevant what the faith of the founding fathers was (as if there was a chance of them having been anything but Christian, being Puritans from Britain who thought it was getting “too wild” over there, what with women beginning to show ankle skin! *gasp*

    2) There is not one set list of morals. Each person has their own morality. You find homosexuality offensive as a Conservative. You think it should be stopped. I have a problem with denying love between any two people. I think anyone getting in the way of people’s live should be stopped. Neither of us has the authority to usurpthe others’ morals. This is why on some matters, we will never agree under any circumstances. Telling me homosexuality is immoral (I am heterosexual, for the record) is like telling me a blonde woman and man getting married is immoral. Same exact logic, based on my view of the world. You see how you’d have a problem if your wife/husband and yourself were blondes, and me and a few million friends were decrying blonde marriage as an affront to a higher power and repulsive, and pushing to end it.

    3) I am not an atheist, but I do not believe in the evil and spiteful God of the Christian bible. Still, the zealousness within this post makes me feel the need to counter with this intellectual information site. It’s not perfect, but it is overall an excellent exposure to undo brainwashing and enlighten oneself.

    • Wisdom… ever consider going by the name “Idiot” ? Because that is what your gobbledegook is. Idiotic.

      America is overwhelmingly Christian. Making us a christian nation. If we weren’t, then explain to me, idiot, why the senate and house both have chaplains. Tell me why ‘In God We Trust” is on our currency. Tell me why “One nation, under God” in in the pledge of allegiance. Tell me why the majority of our founding fathers were indeed practicing religious men. Tell me why moses and the 10 commandments are chiseled in stone on the supreme court? Tell me why our federal lands, (national cemetery’s you idiot) are lined with an overwhelming majority of white crosses marking the graves of brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice, so that idiotslike you could spit on their sacrifice.

      It seems you hate christians who oppose homosexuality. Yet idiots like you embrace an entire muslim culture that executes them. IDIOT.

  4. Brilliant article here. Hopefully liberals will read this and reconsider their secular ways.