Allen West Talks With CDNews on Debt, the Economy and Foreign Policy

By | August 17, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Allen West Talks With CDNews on Debt, the Economy and Foreign Policy

  1. RobinN

    Just thought you might want to fix a typo > Then they turned to the blame game and the next think you know we have to succumb to their wild and crazy economic schemes.

  2. Emmitt

    I like his approach on the debt limit deal. It’s just the beginning and Congress can get proposals to the commission on ways to cut. Then all the committee has to do is put the proposals together into their formal recommendation which would leave the politicians that would rather spend us into bankruptcy with only two choices: Get on board doing the people’s work and approve the package or say no and show that their just in it for power.

    loved the interview and now I like Allen West even more!

  3. Tony

    Excellent interview Rich… The more I here what this guy has to say, the more I like him.
    If only he would run for president.

    1. Anonymous

      Tony. One question. WHY? Why for President, when what we need now is to rebuild the Republican Party with principled leaders who will stand for what thy believe in. if you think that Boehner is that you’re wrong. He’s the same old business as usual player who’ll vacillate and compromise with his finger in the wind sensing which way the strongest wind is blowing from. I can never understand why intelligent people always want ‘their guy’, the one they are most impressed by, to be President. The power lies in who LEADS IN CONGRESS. The majority leaders of BOTH houses. They are the ones who rally the troops and get the votes to MAKE LAW and making law is how reform and real change is accomplished. Good people like he and Rubio are more needed now in congressinal leadership roles. God knows there are more than enough options now to select from on the Republican ticket for President. The person who gets that should earn it. The two I mentioned have not “paid their dues” yet. Someone like Bachmann has. A strong president is no good with weak-kneed, cry-baby leaders in congress.

      1. Tony

        You make a strong point that I can’t find a way to really disagree with.