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A Gaddafi Contest

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  1. TJ says:

    Hilarious as usual! Shared on Reason Magazine…

  2. And WE have a Winna! Its Pug ugly by a nose.

  3. Anti-Obama Girl (Courtney Cambern) says:

    [From Gaddafi standing several feet behind "Joke of American Politics!] Oh Hell! I need a drink…and where do I surrender to the Libyan rebels. How can I possibly live this one down??? I should have kept my collection of Condaleeza Rice photos and then put a gun in my mouth! SERIOUSLY!! I look like Maxine Waters with a 5 o’clock shadow…except I am prettier, DAMMIT!

  4. John Ansell says:

    HA HA HA, now lets see who can guess which one does more drugs.

  5. Tony, another winner! How did you EVER see the physical similary between Gaddafi and Waters? Thet sure do ACT similarly.