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US Dept Of Veterans Affairs Bans Mention of God

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  1. I read the articles and I agree that these minor VA people have no authority to prohibit anything whatsoever. I’m so mad at this kind of stuff and I’m telling you that cooler heads will all say in unison that it is better to defeat these people in court and take their authority away from them, but I am much more in tune with combat to keep that cool, and I say that together with the court victories we ought to be committing civil disobedience as well, to the max. That is the only way that this stuff is going to stop and that is these leftist will be to scared to do anything or take our rights away from us when we are doing anything we want to do, and they will be to afraid to stand on authority they think they have and try to use the police to back themselves up when they come after us to try to force us off from some place, or try to stop us from doing something we want to do that we know we have the right to do and just didn’t get the damn memo that there was a law against it that some butt head liberal got passed some dopey judge or legislator.

    In otherwords we the people will do what we want and if you try to stop us we will stomp the hell out of you. Think you have the “right” to stop us from praying to God, the only God(does that offend you Muslims? To damn bad!), or anything else that we believe we should have the right to do! I’m telling you liberals right now, you had better hope TO GOD we don’t ever take over this country with the right people, the perfect storm on the RIGHT like you have on the left now, because the very people you are trying to get rid of by killing us off before we have that chance to take this country back, because we are the ones who have the memory of what America used to be like when it was free and you could pray or do anything else you wanted to do. And you know what else we remember? We remember who it was that took all these freedoms and liberties away from us, and we remember who you are and what you’ve done to, “the least of us”(look it up in the Bible, dummy).

    You know, here’s the deal. When Jesus died and was buried, He decended into Hell and there he took the keys to the gates of Hell from Satan, and defeated Death. If you understand certain things about what Jesus did and what He did not do, what He did was He defeated Death. He did not defeat EVIL. That is OUR job while here on Earth! Jesus gave to us the free will to decide right over wrong by knowing right from wrong. We are to defeat evil in ourselves and help those around us to defeat evil in them and all around us in this world. That means that we are given the responsibility to go after anyone who espouses evil and who leads others into evil. Those people we can deal with, with full authority to do with by all means in order to get them to surrender and fall in defeat. That means we can expose any liberal, and take the authority away from any liberal, or beat the hell out of any liberal so long as we don’t get ourselves in to much trouble and as long as it teaches liberals the lesson they so badly need to learn. The problem with liberals is that they have gone on for so long with no one standing against them with force that they feel like they are invanerable. A fat lip is a real good way to get liberals back in touch with reality. And you know how touchy feely they like being. Let them feel that fat lip and remember how they got it and they won’t be making that mistake again.

    Liberals feel like they are so far above the “Natural Law” that they don’t have to think about the rights of those they hate. And what they hate is morality. We all know how immoral liberals are because they are always trying to ram homosexuals and their perversion down our throats. And the way America was when liberals began their attack on our culture was, moral. What liberals did was they attacked the authenticity of our morality. They didn’t believe it was authentic, they believed it was fake, and we were just using it to hide White guilt. And they have been attacking it ever since. They use their own “morality” against us. Their “morality” is fake because they keep changing it to fit the situation. It’s either less or more depending on who they are defending. If it’s the New Black Panthers, then liberals don’t need much morality to defend the Panthers. But if it’s homosexuals then liberals need all of the fake morality they can muster to justify “gay” marrage, which is also fake, it’s fake marrage.