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The Hypocrisy of Liberals Rears Its Head Again

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  1. Communists think they have all rights and the rest of the world don’t. This entitlement to a license to practice all things with their own approval comes only from their most low human nature characteristics: selfishness, hate and pride.

  2. This is old news, but I had to post it as it defines about as obviously as possible the abject hypocrisy of the liberal left.

    Enter stage left Dame Pelosi, currently Minority Speaker of the House, but always the idiot savant of demonRATic politics. She and others of her ilk have been vociferous supporters of the so-called doctrine of Separation of Church and State. Bear that in mind as you listen to and view this outlandish video from mid-2010 and pay especially close attention to what she wants the Catholic church to do.

    Was that not UNBELIEVABLE? So Pelosi is in actuality encouraging the Catholc Bishops to violate the Establishment Clause of our Constitution by telling the church to preach one political position of immigration reform over all others…huh!!! (HEADS-UP TO THE ACLU – Are you paying attention?)

    Can I get a lberal to defend her position? PLEASE!

    • Doc, again off-topic from both the article and your reference, but Pelosi and hypocrisy is synonymous! Reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSko2ixEB8U
      She has NO CLUE what it even means!

      • Excuse my delay in responding Allenah as I kept slipping trying to get back up and off the floor into my chair. I tumbled down about the time she suggested that “the word” directly equates to the making of “public policy”, a function of the Legislative Branch of government. She must have The Word she appears to be talking about confused with the word of The One. I wonder if she’ll be telling us soon that The Last Supper is the final meeting of the Obama cabinet!

        She was fairly accurate though in her last observation and given such…

  3. Not surprisingly, you miss the point. Mr. West is a member of Congress. Congress is a deliberative body with rules that require a basic degree of civility. For there to be an act of “hypocrisy” – you would need to show a parallel example where a member of Congress used similar language directed at Rep. Bachmann such as: “You are the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives.” or suggesting Ms. Bachmann was a coward – and that was not acknowledged by liberals as being intemperate. Though I am familiar with Ms. Bachmann’s assertion that some liberal members of Congress may be “anti-American”, I am not aware of any such wildly intemperate remarks directed at Ms. Bachmann by a fellow member of Congress.

    Have citizens and writers said intemperate things about Bachmann? You bet. Not the same thing. Does Talk Radio spew vile and intemperate material about everyone on the planet with liberal political views 24/7? You bet. But that is not the same thing.

    • Hmmm! “You are the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives.” So here we have it Barry. A Republican congressman is held to a “special” standard and his right to freedom of speech, a right everlastingly championed by liberals is denied him. Sounds damned hypocritical to me!

      Vile means obnoxious. Nothing uncivil about that. I find it to be an altogether accurate descriptive in this case. Unprofessional also fits the bill as an accurate descriptive for her conjured up protest at Mr. West’s office. I did not see where he ordered a similar action in return. He took the higher ground. Despicable I also find apropos as another descripitve regarding Ms. Wasserman-Schultz. I also find it quite revealing of HYPOCRISY that almost in unison the leading “usual suspect” female (and Iuse that term loosely) demonRATs, to a person all flaming feminist championing the cause of equality of treatment to men, have launched nothing short of the equivalent of a verbal diatribe of near lynch-mob mentality to assault Congressman West. And for what? For treating them as the equals they so yearn to be. We must ask ourselves what would they have done if Mr. West’s comment had been directed at say…Chuckie-boy Schumer? Obviously next to nothing if anything at all.

      You are rather obvious Barry by your attempt to shift the focus of this discussion. Here is your attempt at doing so:
      “For there to be an act of “hypocrisy” – you would need to show a parallel example where a member of Congress used similar language directed at Rep. Bachmann”
      Get real please! Hypocrisy is not defined by two different parties using the same term. That’s simply a self-serving setup for your totally inaccurate observational attempt to dodge THE TRUTH. HYPOCRISY could be defined by ONE party using a BEHAVIOR in diametric contradiction to their PAST BEHAVIOR. Hope that helps orient you. I noticed you listing badly to port (the left) and simply offered my assistance in order to get you back on what we call “even keel” in the Navy.

      You are …of course…, totally WRONG! May I remind you that the topic here is this…
      “The Hypocrisy of Liberals Rears Its Head Again”
      Nothing about being a member of congress as a sort of qualifier for discussion.
      Nothing about two members of congress exchanging barbs in the midst of the political season which is “business as usual”.

      Simply a stated factual observation. You and Ms. Wasserman-Schultz and all the other demonRATic hotheads
      may disagree with Mr. West’s opinion, but the last time I looked, neither the Law not our Constitution gave any of you a stated or implied power or legal authority to restrict or limit the right of free speech to a conservative black congressman whom you find an embarassment and offensive to your racial sensibilities. Hiding behind the misnomer charge of a lack of civility doesn’t get the job done friend. It is a fact that as people in general, regardless of color of skin, become more attuned to the shamefull record of Democrats in the past and demonRATs in the present in their dealing with black people as voting “target groups” to be used and abused for the power their vote begats, that some of the people will come to realize the wisdom in that old adage.
      You Can Fool Some of The People Some of the Time, but You Can’t Fool All of The People All of the Time.

      Of course that mere adage won’t stop the liberals from trying, but it is handy to have at hand to define their HYPOCRISY….once again.

      I have shown you why the charge of HYPOCRISY is accurate. Under the guise and pretense of a “special” standard of civility YOU IMPOSED, Mr.West’s right to freedom of speech and expression have been trampled on by you, as a liberal, and since liberals are the champion of individual rigts in America…, the charge of HYPOCRISY is accurate. You sir, are due a serious introspective discussion with… The Man in the Mirror.