The Divided Right

By | July 14, 2011

The divide is there and it’s not just the politicians. I see it comments on the website, hear it in calls to the radio show – Conservatives (me included) would rather see a shutdown and re-prioritization of spending than kick the can down the road yet again (like those before us have done).

Moderate Republicans would rather come to a grand bargain like those reached by Reagan and Bush with the Democrats. Unfortunately, in both of those, the tax increases occurred and the spending cuts did not.

McConnell is trying to get made into the next Senate Majority leader – not a fan, Boehner is trying to hold on to his Speakership, Obama is trying to save his Presidency, Pelosi is after Boehner’s chair, Cantor may be after Boehner’s and NO ONE is looking after the country.

Shut it down! Force smaller government, take the power back from this band of self-interested ingrates.

Trust is earned, not demanded.

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