RNC: “Give It To Me”

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  • Excuse me if I hold such Oba-promises in extremely low esteem when they come from demonRATic politicians.The Oba-usurper is about, in my not so humble opinion, bringing down this capitalist system to enable a latter-day socialism to rise out of the ashes. All his past political companions, teachers, influences and radical pals prove that.

    Just a little historical retrospective on demonRATic promises:
    1982 – Democrats offered President Reagan $2 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases. The tax increases went through by a demonRATic congress over a Reagan veto. The spending cuts didn’t. The demonRASTs lied. The deficit increased.(1)
    (1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_Equity_and_Fiscal_Responsibility_Act_of_1982#cite_note-5 1990 –

    Democrats offered President Bush $3 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases. The tax increases went through. The spending cuts didn’t. The deficit increased.Check it out> AP Furious GOP Won’t Fall For Old Dem Trap(2)

    1997 – Republicans and President Clinton cut spending and net taxes (there were some increases, but more decreases). Check it out> “Republicans Keep Their Promise: Balancing the Budget and Reducing Taxes”(3)
    (3) http://rpc.senate.gov/releases/1997/BUDDEAL2.JT.htm

    Well…golllllly! Faith in the capitalist system plus spending cuts plus net lower taxes = a balanced budget!
    You could look it up! I just did. Just last year, the Oba-usurper’s own fiscal commission just offered up the same $3. for $1. dollar deal, but Obama himself ain’t buyin’ it, nor is Dame Pelosi. So you’ve got to ask any remaining liberal and independent friends you might have left the appropriate question:
    Who is the real enemy of the state and We the People here?