President Obama Would Lose if Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani Was the Nominee

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  • Well, Despite having 15% fewer republicans aware of who he was than Mitt Romney, Ron Paul was only 1% behind him in the General Election vs Obama poll. Seems like the GOP picked the wrong candidate.

  • If the Republican party insists on nominating a candidate who rejects Global Warming and Evolution because “faith” is more important the reality he will loose and he will deserve to loose.

  • Ron Paul is the best chance… perhaps only half of the Republicans like him, but all would choose him over Obama, all Libertarians like him, and most Independents will vote for him, some Democrats will even vote for him, and some Green Party will vote for him. He is definately Electable. the best part? He will be what this country needs right now in terms of fiscal responsibility. He is not flashy, he is not a showman, but he is a superior statesman, and a Patriotic American. No flip-flops, just good solid fiscal conservatism.

  • This should be the reason to nominate Romney, just becasue he will beat Obama. Romney is a RINO and it would be a big mistake to nominate him.