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Okay! May As Well Bring On Another Clown

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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Latino’s, Latino’s, Latino’s, blah, blah, blah.

    All I have to know is how he stands on American sovereignty, and his record stinks. Of course look at fricking Texas. If it’s not half Mexican then I don’t know what I’m talking about. Also, isn’t Texas the state that was choosen for the Transnational, International North American Union Highway blah, blah, blah? The Larado super doper illegal highway to Amero heaven? And I’ve heard that construction was haulted on this highway to hell?

    Rick Perry is a open borders globalist traitor who doesn’t know which side of his White bread is buttered on. He figures that since you can’t deport ten million Mexican’s back through the Texas border then you might as well join them. And boy, hasn’t he. He has abandoned the American citizens who probably didn’t put him in office, but pay nearly all the taxes to keep him in office, and keep all those nice juicey state benefits going out to all those cheap labor advocates and the cheap labor that keeps sending the money they make in place of American’s who don’t want to work(well that’s what Texas son George Bush said), and wasn’t it on the Texas border where Ramos and Compean were arrested and Bush’s “good friend” state attorney Johnny Sutton who kept evidence that could have freed these two patriots, but instead knew that family of the dope dealer who later was given a “gold card” to come and go freely by Perry, so that he could drive more dope into the US while testifying against the two border agents who were just doing their job.

    Perry I wouldn’t vote for you if Obama handed the election to you freely if you would get one vote, mine, I wouldn’t vote for you! Take a hike Mexican lover!

  2. If only I had discovered this gift earlier in life. During my high school prom I would have walked up to Judy Phipps and said “The next thing you will do is accompany me to the back seat of my 1966 Chevy Caprice and then follow my every command.”

    • And Judy would have replied…”I hope this isn’t going to be a replay of last time when you begged me to make some red teardrop shaped pin-striping around those triple chrome-plated window crank handles!”

  3. Sacrilege! Heresy!

    The teeming masses of Republican pundits have awaited the coming of the fourth or fifth messiah (I lost count after McCain) who would lead us out wilderness. They were reminded by those who remind people that Texas was prophesied as the birthplace of the One. Then, they read in the Book that the next messiah would be a convert, perhaps someone who once served as chairman of the Al Gore campaign in Texas. They found an ancient text that he would be known as the Man from Paint Creek.

    You who present us with facts that contradict the myth perpetrated by the GOP kingmakers shall be punished severely. The next thing you will try to tell me is that Mitt Romney is not a fiscal and social conservative.