Obama: 80% Favor Balanced Approach [Fact Check]

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  • Fact checking the Obama administration is tantamount to a blue lobster hunt. The lies outnumber the truth 2 million to one.

    Obama is a master at twisting the data. He is a Saul Alinsky disciple at undermining U.S. Law. Heck, he believes the largest congressional defeat in decades was because Pelosi wasn’t doing enough to push his radical agenda. He doesn’t understand that obamcare has already lost him the 2012 election, no matter how many billions he raises for a devious re-election campaign. The man just doesn’t have a clue.

  • I don’t think this man is capable of telling the truth in any situation. He has done it since before he was illegally put in office and I think he has taken his treason to a higher level. He wants to see the United States fall that is why he wants to raise the ceiling of spending. Anybody that is for this needs to be publicly displayed so we can get rid of the sooner than later.