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New York Times Still Calling Reid’s Bill Failure “Republican Filibuster”

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  1. After passing a link to my mailing group on another very similar topic here and on this same “debt issue” subject, in response to my conclusion that we, as Americans, were getting screwed here he replied simply…”without grease.” This was my response and touches on something that the owner and editors of the NYT, and ALL OF US, would do well to realize. A brief dissertation upon THE TRUTH, something being well-trampled underfoot by our elected representatives YET AGAIN!

    “[Unfortunately Joe we ARE being greased. By the collective media that has abrogated it’s responsibility to be a non-partisan disseminator of THE TRUTH and allowing the chips of truth to fall where they may. In the last half-century the disposition of The Fourth Estate, journalism, has been to move opinion ever further to the left in this country with a partisan agenda. The vaunted Old Gray Lady, The New York TImes has a motto that states…”All the News That’s Fit to Print.” Somewhere along the way their mission became…, to advocate for all the politically slanted news that is UNFIT to print.

    In the classic founding battle over Freedom of the Press in this country the case of John Peter Zenger established a journalism precept. Now it would surprise me if the progressive teaching establishment had not expunged that lesson from history currently being taught. Zenger, a German immigrant, writing in his little Weekly Journal enraged the British Crown in the person of King George by his upstart criticisms from across the “puddle”. In England it was a standard in law that the greater the truth, the greater the libel. British law maintained that truth was no defense in a libel case.
    To the contrary the precept established by those riff-raff “in the colonies” in the Zenger trial was that…There is NO Defense Against The Truth. That after the dust had settled the standard to be affirmed was the truth above all other considerations. So that the truth was a valid defense against the charge of libel or defamation. That standard in AMERICAN Law went to show how codified Law in this constitutional republic goes to moderating those rights granted us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights; thereby, effecting the “supreme Law of the Land.”. The TRUTH modified that right we know as the First Amendment by holding the responsibility for free speech to a higher standard than merely freely stated opinion. That standard was set for journalism to hold high as a shining light for all to see for the freedom granted them and be thus reminded that in THIS SOCIETY the recognition and acknowledgement of personal responsibility matters and the “free press” has failed miserably at that simple commitment.

    How far we, as a once great Nation, have fallen! Just thinking out loud….again.]”