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Krugman: Obama Should Just Lie to Americans to Get Another Stimulus

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  1. “We need to unleash the free market and give it certainty of opportunity.”

    Succint and clear and absolutly true. People just do not understand how the economy functions around speculation and a “wait and see” mentality when so called “progressives” are in office.

  2. Now, don’t be fooled, Obama is not completely stupid. He knows how this country is supposed to work. But he only has learned just enough of how it works to have a half baked idea of how to stop it from working. This is the downfall of liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, and Communism is that they on the most part do know how America is supposed to work to build wealth, and assure prosperity for all American’s. Like what the country stands for, freedom and liberty to find your own way, deal with the problems you encounter along the way, solve enough of them to be able to move forward, and then you finally arrive at success all things being equal.

    But the way liberals look at that is that along the way you’re going to discreminate against others who are trying to make their way to, misuse resources, abuse the rules everyone else is trying to operate by, and you’re going to try to find someone who can pull some strings for you to give you a boost ahead of “honest folk” that liberals seem to think they have to be only poor people who never seem to succeed at anything, but they’re not in reality. So, it’s liberals think that White people cheat, steal, and rangle their way to getting all they have, that’s how they’ve gained control over all the businesses, and use their wealth to control the politics, blah, blah, blah.

    See, if liberals really wanted to tell the truth about how ordinary people “make it” in America, being a racist, bigoted, discreminating bastard is not how most get it done. As a matter of fact most everyone who has made it in this country have never done these dispicable things liberals accuse us of doing in order to make it in this country. And they think that White people cheating, and stealing chances that Blacks and Mexican’s are trying to get for themselves so they can have a nice life to is the reason why liberals need such a big government to try to hold Whites back so that they won’t steal everyone’s chances. Is that why Obama has for his campaign promise to offer “hope and change” for all those who’ve been cheated by White people? That’s why we are having more and more regulations, taxes, and restrictions on speech, waving the flag, and even having a sign out in front of your house that has God’s name on it is so offensive to liberals. They don’t want American’s to see that those parts of the American culture are worth saving. Otherwise we are all screwed. Liberals will succeed in taking our country away from everyone, including all the people who know how this country is supposed to work. They won’t ever have a chance to see it work again because liberals won’t let any mechanism remain, which is our Constitution, that is the engine by which the people operate under so that opportunity is equal for everyone will remain. Liberals want life to be fair, the same, and more equal than it’s supposed to be but only for people they pick, not that everyone can have freedom, but only a few. Unfortunately, only liberals will be free, free to enslave the rest of us.