Is Pawlenty Jealous of Bachmann’s Rise in the Polls?

By | July 11, 2011

It appears that that GOP hopeful Tim Pawlenty has shown his true colors, and it appears to be a bright shade of green!

While on Meet the Press this yesterday, the former governor of Minnesota seemed to give somewhat of a back-handed compliment to fellow candidate Michele Bachmann, while at the same time slamming her.

Mr. Pawlenty stated:

“I like Congresswoman Bachmann. I’ve campaigned for her. I respect her. But her record of accomplishment in Congress is non-existent.”


You can view the entire video here:


While Congresswoman Bachmann is ahead in the polls, Governor Pawlenty cannot say the same. In an early-voting Iowa poll last month, Tea Party favorite Bachmann was at the the op. Though he has led a very active campaign in Iowa, Mr. Pawlenty is still lagging way behind in the polls. He is also lacking much-needed campaign funds.

Yes, it does appear that Mr. Pawlenty is just a wee bit green with envy! Sir, the color does not suit you well!

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