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Fort Monroe, Property Rights and Communism

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  1. Evil is attacking freedom and liberty on all levels, from every angle, in every area of life. There is to much for one Congress or Senate to have to deal with in just the four years that a good conservative President could possibly overturn. Much work is going to have to be done by our two Houses on their own. Anytime that anyone hears of some bill that liberals passed into law that destroys this nation alittle bit at a time, it must be brought up to the Houses, they must prepared to repeal and abolish it completely forever, and use that word, then the President must be informed of what the Houses are about to do so that he can be ready with his pen. He won’t have much time to meet with foreign dignitaries, or go visit some king because his time will be used up from morning ’til night signing the repeal of things such as these UN treaties and agreements, and over turning former Presidential directives he discovers needs to be undone. His staff can look these things up, find out what they’ve done, or could do under circumstances they apply to, and hand them over to the President to be thrown in the trash and set fire to. That is part of how the Democrats were ready with three thousand pages of a bill when they were trying to ram through ObamaCare. They had never thrown the old bills away after they were either dead, or were never taken up. They just kept them to be resurrected years later when they had a better administration that would be more willing to pass such a law. No, when we find these dispicable bills, laws this next time we need to destroy them so that no one will ever find the words again.