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  1. You wrote a brilliant article about “Impeach the attorney general”. It’s a very meaningful and sensible post!! The e-mail written is great too. Thanks for allocation 🙂

    • Thanks Dave. I opened up quite intentionally with my email contact to subliminally suggest that degree of activism to the reader should he/she agree with the case I’ve made.

      With a firm belief in my personal axiom of “Statesmen act, Politicians react.” I would suggest that you disseminate the link for this topic to your mailing group as should ALL others. By asking each of them to do likewise is how we energized the Internet engine and the assorted social media to the best advantage.

      I would suggest that if Mssrs. Cantor and Boener start receiving a dearth of comments demanding that Impeachment be commenced against the AG they may muster up enough political courage, understanding that they have enough public support, to act to push harder on the Oba-neck with sustained pressure. Presently they are mere media poseurs pontificating upon our problems and doing NOTHING constructive to push the demonRATs out on the walk-off plank of the fantail of the grand old Ship of State with the tip of our sword as motivation. That little metaphorical suggestion is to highlight the reality that THERE IS NO PRESSURE on him, Obama (or them, the demonRATs) so BOTH go along their merry obstructionist way taking us to the brink of anarchy and kicking all cans of important decisions down the road beyond NOvember 2012.

      Seeing hapless Hariet Reid state that a legitimate and serious Republican plan is DOA should do nothing les than eOUTRAGE ALL THE CITIZENRY…, but it sadly does not. We, as a citizenry, have become inured to “violations of the public trust” as business as usual and such will be the means to our end if we do not WAKE UP!