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Christian Ministry Leaves “Christ” Behind

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  1. What a load of crap!! I’ve never heard a bunch of garbage in my life of a so-called Christian organization who has lost their spine to name the name of Jesus Christ. What do they plan on doing tricking people who are in some godless Muslim country into thinking this organization is somethine else and suddenly they find out they’re a Christian organization? What then? And I want to know one thing, how do you pronounce “Cru”, “crew”, “cruh”? What? I’ve got a name for them, the “Cowards Who Are Afraid To Say Who Their Lord Is, But We’re Here To Teach You About This Guy, But We Can’t Tell You Who He Is Because Of Muslim’s International”

    This is typical of the political correctness, and she’s a liar when she says she’s not changing the name because of political correctness, when she’s changing the name because of political pressure to change it from the governments of the foreign countries they’re in that are Muslim? That is political correctness just like it is right here in Amerika. American’s make changes in the names, or don’t even make the name of something what it really is from the start because they are afraid of what may happen when liberals hear of it, or they see it written somewhere. They know that Muslims will not tolerate the word “crusade” coming from White American Christian’s who’ve come to their countries to teach of the saving grace of Christ’s sacrafice for all of us. It turns my stomach to see more of the same kind of thing affecting an organization that isn’t doing what God would want it to do and that is, what did our prophets say, “Stand in the hedge”? That means you form the hedge that surrounds our belief to protect it from attack. It comes from history and Romans who would put up a barracade made up of bushes chopped down and put together to force an attacker to go the way the Roman army would want them to go so as to move into the kill zone. It’s easier to move along an obsticle to see if there is a place where they can cut across it, be able to go around it, or a thinner place where it’s easy to move across the obsticle. That’s what barbed wire was used for in area’s so that the enemy will move in the direction you want them to go so that they will move away from your encampment or groups of people you don’t want harmed. The hedge must be solid form with no breaks in it. Standing in the hedge means that you are brave enough to stand in the place of a break in the barrier against evil getting through.

    Ohhhh, but not these people. NO, they just want it to be easy to go to some Muslim country because that’s the only countries that haven’t been converted to Christianity. And it’s a shame that they still think that they can do God’s work without identifying who this organization represents? Shame on them for being so spineless.

    And how do I know it’s Muslim countries that are putting the pressure on them? Because she mentioned that the word ” crusade” cannot be shown in words on a sign or something because it offends someone. You notice that the article didn’t say Muslim, but you know it is.