By the Numbers: Big Oil and Wealthy Already Sharing Sacrifice

By | July 14, 2011

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0 thoughts on “By the Numbers: Big Oil and Wealthy Already Sharing Sacrifice

  1. Max

    Good article Mitchell.

    Another thing that is incredulous from democrats is their slogan, “Shared Sacrifice.” What a bunch of crap that is, since the freeloaders aren’t sacrificing a single dime. It is the inefficiency of government that takes in enormous tax revenue, corrupts it, and then spits out bread crumbs to the enslaved progressives. The only thing shared sacrifice accomplishes is greater fleecing of the rich to support a growing non-working class of people, yet the bread crumbs don’t get any bigger.

    I think conservatives need to brand “Shared Prosperity” as our slogan running up to the 2012 elections. Americans are tired of being told the only “hope” on the horizon is in the form of economic pain with no end in sight. Cut programs, not taxes. Create Jobs, not unemployment lines.