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Boy Scouts of America: Timeless Values, Apathy or Political Correctness?

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  1. Yall are dumb. Troop 758 rocks

  2. Troop 758 Scout ( LYA ALNLIA )

    Dear Everyone,
    I am very sorry for the disrespect that our troop showed.I will discuss with my fellow friends about this issue. I would just say that we had a lot of scouts bridge ( One of them was me ) but we never were intending to be that disrespectful. In the flag ceremonies we admit we were talking but not in Arabic but in Urdu. We were very disorganized that camp but any other camp we go to we will show improvement.

  3. Boy not scout 56657

    also the last email message was kinda true well not any more look into troop 758 fall camp

  4. Boy not scout 56657

    hi i am a member of troop 758 a tenderfoot im sorry for the rudeness of my fellow scouts though i was not there 2 days after the scouts that had problems were punished. second we were speaking urdu not arabic.
    my apologies

    ps. the scout who did the rude gesture was marked absent for the camp.

    pps. you do not want to know the meaning of what they said

    ppps. bye!!

  5. Benjamin Wallace

    JEB, the Boy Scouts are not based in any particular religion. They do promote having a relationship with whichever God your religion believes in. They have medals of faith for many different faiths including Islam,Hinduism, Buddist and many others including Christ based religions. Boy Scouts is there to teach boys honor,respect and many other great qualities needed to become a good man.

    WillofLa, you are mostly spot on except for what I pointed out to JEB. Yes the values that are at the core of BSA are Christian based. They are the laws that God put on every mans heart. Like it stated in the article, my friend had interactions with another troop that had much of the same make up of troop 758 but had no problems with the leaders or boys other than the actions that he classified as “boy will be boys”. his main concern was that the BSA had in his oppinion went politicaly correct in the handling of the situation.

    • Benjamin Libtard Wallace says, “JEB, the Boy Scouts are not based in any particular religion.”

      You’re indoctrinated BEYOND stupid. A stupid person could at least be right on accident but you can’t. You’re WAY beyond stupid. You’re so beyond stupid you need to retreat into double think just to be a Useful Idiot for the agenda. Example:

      The know-nothing Postmodern Relativist Benjamin Libtard Wallace blathers, “Yes the values that are at the core of BSA are Christian based.”

      Are you a retard? Are you so beyond stupid that you cannot make a point without contradicting it in the next paragraph? YOU’RE the problem with America. You’re so beyond stupid you need to tear everything down only to admit that you’re wrong.

      This is the real problem. It’s indoctrinated dipshits like Benjamin Libtard Wallace who voice their worthless opinion in opposing like a total blathering idiot. Everything he said is utterly worthless except to prove how Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

      Either it’s based on Christian Values or it’s not. Either it’s true or it’s not. But Benjamin Libtard Wallace is so beyond stupid he exhibits pure Double Think (circa 1984) to prove that it’s not, but admits it really is. These are the legions of bean-brained morons we need to chase out. They don’t believe anything except evil, failure, and wrong. The Boy Scouts WERE a great organization. When something is good, the diverse is evil. When something is successful, the diverse is failure. When something is right, the diverse is wrong. This bullshit notion that diversity in itself is a “virtue” is the acme of evil, failure, and wrong. And Benjamin Libtard Wallace is an evangelist for evil, failure, and wrong.

      • Benjamin Wallace

        TomTom, I have to admit, I might not have worded that correctly, it should have read something like “the Boy Scouts is a Christ based organization but not a Christ centered orginzation.” That might better explain it for you. While the values that Boy Scouts teach is Christ based, the organization is open to anybody of most any religion. The Boy Scouts do not require you to be a particular religion but like this great nation of ours is open to any religion. No, I don’t agree with the teachings of Islam but I do respect they’re right to freedom of religion that so many fine soldiers and patriots have given thier lives for. If any group tells or forces others to do only what they want it is called tyranny. That is why this great nation was born, to give men the freedom to worship how they want without being persued by tyrannts.
        You say that I am indoctrinated and am the problem with America. Guess what, you have the right to have any oppinion you want no matter if it is wrong or right. I personaly think that one of the main problems is we have become lazy in our studies of history, especialy American history. People have forgotten our Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights. Most Americans never realy study the great people that have led our country down her path. The wisdoms one can find from people such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,Thomas Paine or Abraham Lincoln. Speaking of Lincoln I have a quote from him for you.
        ” It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”
        Abraham Lincoln

  6. The Boy Scouts is a CHRISTIAN-based group and Muslims, Gays, and other hell-bound people have no right being members.

  7. I was in the Boy Scouts for awhile and did many things at Summer Camp in New Orleans and in Wichita, Kansas. It was to long ago to remember what troop numbers or anything, but I felt very proud to be a member of the Scouts. When the Scouts were first formed in the 1920’s they were more like military training than anything else. When I was in the Army I remembered alot of my Scout training in Indian lore and used it in my survival training exercises. When I was in Vietnam as a Ranger on missions with five other men for sometimes near two weeks alone, there was many in my company that were in the Scouts. These men were all volunteers just like the Scouts are. They invite young men to come to learn something more about being an American than regular life will teach you. These guys in the jungles of Vietnam on five and six man teams doing the work that we were trained to be were just doing what came natural from their Scouting. Teaching each other to trust those you’re with and won’t let you be weak, or anything that would cause you to get yourself in trouble. It all helped. Of course my rigorous training in Rangers and Racondo schools, Paratrooper schools and the additional training went a long way to saving my life in combat and returning the info that our commanders needed so that operations in those areas we were given to recon, could be used later on to save the lives of our other combat forces.

    I believe that the Boy Scouts are a very important part of the youth of America. I support that they stood up against the homosexuals who were trying to invade a hallowed organization that stands for everything America is, God, Country, Duty. I believe that the only reason why liberals would want to destroy what the Boy Scouts stand for is so they can chalk up another victory in their assault on the American way of life. These Muslim boys who don’t believe that being a Boy Scout means being an American is that they don’t have any respect for being an American. As far as I am concerned this Troop 758 is our enemy infiltrating into something they plan on usurping and overthrowing. If anything, and I know this may sound harsh, but this troop needs to be disbanded before they are able to start making changes that all Muslims have done who have come to this country. The only reason why Muslims are here is not to become American’s. The only reason why they are here is to support those who plan on destroying this nation, or are part of those who will be doing the destruction. Sooner or later this Muslim troop will be demanding that time be allowed, and a place where Arab Muslim boys can hold prayers, and not non-Muslim will be allowed access to that place or use it for anything else. Then the Boy Scouts will have to prove all over again that Christianity is what the Boy Scouts practice. And what they need to do is to say, “If yo don’t want to practice what the Boy Scouts believe then you have to leave.” Do the Boy Scouts believe in Christian values? I believe that God is a primary part of a Boy Scouts life and service to the Scouts. If someone is an atheist or a homosexual, and now being a Muslim will have to be included to the list of those who don’t belong in the Scouts. And that’s the way it should be. This is America not Iran.