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Boehner Releases Framework of Debt Ceiling Deal

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  1. Politicians???!!! Waddya expect – NO PRINCIPLES!

    CAUTION: You’ll need to have had a minimum of 6 years of formal elementary school education to understand this.

    Phase One – aka “Loading up the Nuclear Rectal Suppository”
    Excuse my jaded views, but if past performances are any yardstick of judgement then WE the People got the old fast-shuffle from BOTH parties who are BOTH too gutless to do the right thing. When you read that “discretionary spending will be cut and capped immediately which will save $917 Billion over ten years” you naturally assume that means $91.7 per year. WHY? Knowing politicians feckless manner for dealing with present problems in the present it might be calculated and be GRADUATED SAVINGS in such spending. How would you like it if you found out that in the first year the savings would only be $20 billion or so? OOPS! I hate to surprise you and I haven’t seen the professional, boob-tube talking *ssholes make comment of this, but the INTEREST ONLY on the national debt for 2010 Is $413,954,825,362.17 For 2011 it should come in at about $460 BILLION. That means that to stand still we need to commit to about $460BILLION in savings in ONE YEAR. Imagine that for a moment…$460BILLION as ONLY INTEREST ON THE DEBT and these *ssholes are thumpin’ their chests about saving $91.7 BILLION. Only in American politics can falling behind be considered moving ahead! You just watch…the media will glorify this as a wonderful deal. A billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you’re talkin’ serious do-re-mi…don’t-cha-think? HUH!!

    Phase Two – WE should call this the “Bend Over and Spread ’em” for me plan.
    So they give the Oba-Usurper a $1.2 TRILLION increase in the debt limit if that same amount of savings is made OR a balanced budget constitutional amendment is MERELY THREATENED by sending it to the states for ratification. NOT PASSED BY THE STATES mind…just sent to them. So they are issuing Obama a financial treading water in red ink FREE PASS, BUT in rerality the red ink is actually RISING! Is it just me or do these politicians think the citizens are as dumb as dirt? So much so that we cannot discern when we’re being groomed for a financial enema! I knew we were in trouble when Boehner first started that crying routine. Sh*t!

    The only trigger here is on the financial suicide hammer they’re cocking back now. How many want to bet me that the interest on the debt is NOT exempted from this figure and so a SUBSTANTIAL INCREASING debt interest will be subtracted from the savings “trigger” making it only around $700 billion that must be saved the first year. This is all just bullsh*t now for the President and Congress so they can indulge themselves in a very public, mutual back-slapping event. When they write the law in the dark of night…, THAT’S when they screw us good.