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Barack Obama and the Family Budget: A Complete Disconnect

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  1. Obama has professed his hatred of the wealth building ability that American’s are given by the right to freedom as God has given it to each man and woman. Obama went to a so-called church, under the tutoraledge of Jeromiah Wright, for twenty years. Obama himself said in one of his books, on himself, how much he hates White people with the quip “…White man’s greed feeds a world in need.” How would it be if a White person said something like that about Black people? Well, you couldn’t say anything about prosperity concerning Blacks because they aren’t known for being prosperous, but you could say alot about Blacks ignorance feeds a world of more ignorant people, or something to that affect, I’m not a poet but you get what I mean. Somebody on the radio yesterday said Obama was a racist, and the radio host came right back in Obama’s defence and said Obama was not. Well, he IS a racist, and the proof is twenty years in Wright’s church that taught White hate, and Obama’s books that talk about White hate, his acts against White owned corporations and the affects on the big banks and investment corporations, insurance companies, private jet maker companies, etc. and that impact that his economic policy’s are having the greatest affect on White workers, people loosing their homes I’m sure are not mostly Blacks, but Whites. It is all geared to destroy the wealth building ability of White people in this country. Who else could he be aiming all his hatred towards? It sure isn’t Blacks, look what he’s done for Blacks since he’s been in office. The fact that 98% of all Blacks voted for him and almost the opposite for Whites, what he’s done for Mexican’s since he’s been in office is against White property owners on the border, and backing of the unions that are mostly Mexican’s and Blacks, not Whites. And do I count some group that has a few Whites, or Blacks in it as that’s who the group is? No, that would be stupid. If a group is mostly Black, then it is a Black group, even though there are a few Whites or Mexican’s in that group, I concider it a Black group because they are the largest number of members or whatever.

    Obama can’t know as much about us as he claims because he is who he is with the background that he has. And yeah, some rich people do know about White people struggling to make ends meet because they just do, either because they were like us for a short while or for some time before they became rich, or they’ve got their hearts in the right place and know because they have contacts with people who aren’t rich that they know. But, Obama? No, he is out of touch with White people who have to struggle for what they want.

  2. Obama has NEVER had to live like one of us, NEVER. He went to the best schools as paid for by his grandparents in Hawaii. Obama’s mother had a well paying job with the Ford Foundation. When he lived with his father, who had a good paying job with the government. So Obama has never had to go through job layoffs, job losses, having to pack up and move somewhere in search of a job, like I have, three times. I know what it’s like to work your butt off somewhere and then get kicked out on the street. Obama does not. His college was paid for by the Arabs. He didn’t have to take classes part time and work some little job to have money to live off of because his parents just didn’t have the money. No, not him, he was special. When he went to work for ACORN he was paid for doing nothing with somebody else’s money. When he became a lawyer, and got married he swung a deal and got his wife a high paying job with the hospital she was working for while he was state senator. Then US Senator, and now President. When did he have to suffer and scrounge and scrape and save for his kids to have the money to go to college, while working overtime at some sucky job just to have enough money so that he and his wife didn’t have to starve while sacrificing for their children.

    Obama does not know of that which he speaks. He is a liar and a fraud. He doesn’t have the humility to admit that he doesn’t know about suffering economically like the rest of us, and never has, that he has always had it good and never has had to worry about putting gas in his car. We do. We’ve suffered for decades while the Socialists and Communists take over our country, and are either to lazy or to disenfranchised to demand a stop be put to it. But I’m telling you right now, these insane people that are in control of our country don’t EVER have to worry about the price of gasoline, we do. What skin is it off their noses if the government takes more taxes out of OUR pay checks? NONE, so why should they worry about what legislation they pass? They aren’t going to be affected by it because they are all filthy rich and nothing short of total economic collapse would ever have any affect on them. But by the time that happens we’ll all be dead from starvation. Are you going to enjoy watching your children starve to death in front of you, while these fat cats rake in millions in kick backs from lobby companies for the influence they sell?

    I’m telling you all right now, if you don’t get tough with your legislators and demand that they put a stop to all this it will only leave the American people with one option left to us to put a stop to it once and for all. And that is for us to act on our Constitutional right, and that is to take the government back by force, throw the bastards out, and the Constitution says “replace the government with a Constitutional one”. That means we appoint who we want in those offices that are vacated when we have that representative arrested for violating their oath to the Constitution and their oath of their office, which is what they are doing. They took an oath to uphold, protect, and obey the Constitution. By not doing that, this is what we get from a government out of control.

    Here’s my question. How out of control do things have to get before it reaches the “out of control” the Constitution says is enough for us to be able to act on our Constitutional right? Is 14.5 trillion out of control? Is borrowing trillions from everyone and his brother in the world who’d loan to us, to pay for social and domestic spending, enough? Is having Communists running our government and bleeding heart liberals whose religion is environmentalism that tells us what kind of light bulbs we’re to use, or we go to prison, enough? When is enough, enough?