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  1. Alexis

    I just love it when bible thumping christians recite the faith of the founding fathers, yet are unable to explain why faith was excluded from the constitution by manner of law.

    Of course the majority of white men were religious back then. That doesn’t mean they were divinely inspired to write the constitution. It means they took pre-existing ideas to form a new government. They prayed and believed in a God. They wanted to form a government FREE of religion, since they saw how the church of england persecuted all other faiths.

    So here we sit today, a government that strives to exclude religion, and religious influences, from government institutions. And its the best thing since sprinkled donuts.

    What I am saying is you can’t have it both ways, as in you cant thump how holy our forefathers were AND claim they wanted God in government. They did no such thing.

    1. Brian Evans

      It was not that they did not want religion in government, quite the contrary. They did not want the Federal Government pushing a religious agenda as they had left in England. At the state level, they emphasized relgious beliefs on many levels.

      The question is…where does it say that religion cannot be a part of our government? Just that our government will not infringe on religious beliefs. There are two instances to where the liberals have distorted this issue. The most famous is Thomas Jefferson addressing the Danbury Baptist Association to assure them that the government would not infringe on their religious beliefs.

      The other is sprinkled throughout court cases where Supreme Court Justices attempt to push their liberal agenda. As for what was said, these beliefs do not need to be contridictory. It’s just that religious is what strenghtens our sovereignty, and this is not what big government liberals want. Religions are within state Constitutions throughout our Republic.