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Why 2012 Must be a Referendum on Obama’s Policies

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  1. Axelrod’s statement is the ‘game plan’ for the demonRATs. They can’t run on his dismal record and so they’ll seek to diminish whomever the Republican candidate is. It will be easy to follow for as we go through the summer I predict that Bachmann will start to make inroads against Romney the RINO. As polling reflects that, watch for the vicious anti-Palin like attacks to come and the lamestream media prejudicial slants on all things Republican. The Oba-maniacs want diversion from THE TRUTH. How long can they continue blaming Bush for the return of 9+% unemployment? It’s now three years and even the criminally naive in the public sphere who have no day-to-day interest in politics will realize that the RATs are beating a dead horse, because they’re afraid of what will happen when they stop.

    For me, the most importamt thing is to take back the Senate by a confortable margin and retaion the House and gain about 20 more seats Obam would look just lovely swinging helplessly in the political winds for FOUR LONNNNNNNG YEASRS!

  2. “Ultimately, we must not repeat the mistake of the 1992 and 1996 elections where H. Ross Perot was allowed to split the GOP vote and put a Republican loss in motion.” (Mitchell)

    I would agree it is a very strong possibility, and the best possible outcome for Obama. If Trump decides to run it should be under the “Insanity Party”, I truly believe he intends to throw the election no matter what he does.

    The only thing for conservatives to do is pick the strongest candidate and rally behind the winner.