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The Public Trust and It’s Violation Thereof

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  1. In my original topic post I referred to Afghanistan as a “medieval society”. It’s worse than that.

    “WASHINGTON (Jan. 29) – A controversial Pentagon program that embeds anthropologists in the military has produced a report that claims that homosexual behavior is considered unremarkable among Pashtun men in Afghanistan, according to Fox News.

    A research team embedded with Marines in southern Afghanistan reported that Pashtun men often have sex with other men, but do not identify themselves as homosexuals. The report, a copy of which was obtained by Fox News, reportedly encourages the American military not to “dismiss” the Pashtuns’ unique approach to sexual behavior.

    The report related anecdotes about Pashtuns’ seeming confusion over sex and sexual practices, including a group of local interpreters who contracted gonorrhea anally, but didn’t understand that it was from having sex with other men.”
    (continues here> http://www.aolnews.com/2010/01/29/report-pashtun-men-defy-wests-sexual-categories/ )

  2. I agree 100% Doc, especially the part about The Tea Party being a shortcut to the politicians ears. For the last 5 decades or so, it was the media that controlled the message that got to the politicians ears most of the time. When that message became heavily Liberally biased…the Media became discredited, as even the most naive of folks could see their spin and Liberal misinformation being spewed more and more. Throughout history America has been the most giving nation on earth, yet at times that giving came with political strings. Now those strings have went from wanting to help promote true Democracy, to promoting Socialism and civil unrest. We have to get back to demanding that our tax dollars only be used as is mandated in our Constitution, not be used as politicians see fit to enrich one class over another and to further empower themselves by using it to buy votes from non-producing people. This is how the welfare/race-based vote beat the working class taxpaying vote in America in 2008. Throw in the undoctrinated youth vote, where 70% do not even know what the hell the House and Senate are and do today, and we have a hell of a mess.In trying to expose the media arm of the Democratic Attack Machine in my new series here at CDN, I am trying help inform and educate the millions of folks who still believe just because what used to be real news people, ABC NBC CBS or CNN say something on TV, that doesn’t make it necessarily true any more. In my opinion there are 3 keys to totally turning this thing around in 2012. Hammer the media spin and expose their misinformation at every chance, including their fake polls that they use to try to shape voters opinions of the 2012 presidential candidates. Expose big government politicians, and their voting records on a weekly basis, especially in the U.S. Senate and make sure the Liberals have to fight for EVERY single seat in 2012 in both chambers. Lastly, pound it into the heads of the uninformed about what the hell 15 trillion dollars of debt means to future generations of American children. The most important part of that stat is debt load in relationship to GDP. There is unquestionable truth in numbers, and that truth shows us that while up to last year our debt to GDP ratio was still manageable, the real ratio largely does not included a boatload of Obamas backloaded debt. This chart shows the truth. Only around 1942-3 has our Debt to GDP ratio gone over 100% due to WWII spending mostly. http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/federal_debt_chart.html
    As you see in that chart, 2011 through 2016 we are projected to run over 100% of debt to GDP ratio. That is the financial collapse and the depression that most economists that aren’t paid by the government are warning us about.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here at CDN, and you just inspired me to write another article this morning that will include the above-mentioned debt to GDP danger we face right now. While some folks say we all know about our debt, I counter that with the statement of: If all Americans understood our true debt load right now, really understood the danger, the last thing they would ever do is vote for Barack Hussein Obama in 2012.

    Thanks again,


    • Sorry Dan, almost forgot to respond to you, but it was unintentional.

      Thanks for the flowers on my post content. I agree with your comments and your initial comment about what I said reminds me of how I loved to irritate the progressive left on political debate forums I used to frequent. They always would use deceit, micharacterization and every other machination they could contrive to demean Palin and The Tea Party. It had become their favorite pasttime. I’d let them go and then post back and congratulate “you dummies” for doing my work for me. Then I went on to explain how I wasn’t here wasting my time trying to convert the intellectual challenged left to reasoned and rationale thinking, but was seeking to appeal to the curious and non-committed and undecided nameless voters who use search engine databases to surf in and out of various forums following “hits”. I’d tell them if they chanced to hit my keywords for a topic thread that I’d listed as “tags” just maybe they’d see how you morons make no sense whatsoever and how history consistently proves you wrong. That usually enlisted a rash of invective and personal attack which was just what I wanted, because those same people seeing that type of response would be put off by any position taken by such boorish people. It was grand sport, but got boring, because politically left moderators would always find ways to “infract” me. Finally I realize it was an exercise in frustration to a degree, but I’m still confdent that many people may have been positively impacted to consider the conservative view of things over the liberal.

      The same curious visitors also stop here, so I try to post interesting content that is in someway constructive to a positive end. For instance, my piece on Weiner may have seemed like an easy potshot at a big target, BUT it is more than that. It was to, without even saying so, show how liberals are always borne of a holier-than-thou attitude and confident that in just saying or stating a position they are correct and they know best. That they are somehow above the rules of we mere conservative mortals and other citizens. However, when push comes to shove those same liberals are easily shown up as hypocrites and shown as such by their very own behavior/s with no help from the right at all.

      I wasin a dental ora surgeon’s waiting room late this afternoon waiting for my wife to complete some extracions.The TV news cam on and it was blaring the latest on our boy Congressman Weiner. I mentioned to a fellow seated across from me something and he was incredulous in his reaction. I told him that this same guy was the sponsor of federal legislation that became law that protects kids from Internet deviant predators. By this guy’s honest reaction I’d bet he’ll tell a half-dozen people what I told him and some will take the time to verify it. I call that a simple, everyday way of effecting a positive change in the voters’ choice or at minimum, a reconsideration of whom they vote for.

  3. “Efforts like Afghanistan are NOT making the world safe for democracy.” (Doc)

    I agree 100%. Neither is our bombing of Libya, our support of Hamas-backed Palestinians, our recent siding with Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands, and our refusal to protect U.S. citizens along our southern border.

    Recipe for WW III is here.

    • Agreed. I didn’t embellish further on incompetence in foreign policy and domestic policy by this administration in the interest of not exceeeding the maximum characters allowed. 😉

      When Obama was heavily criticized for going on too many golf outings rather than dealing with crisises at hand I opined that I’d like to see him golf MORE, especially in severe thunderstorm conditions. I’ve been converted to a limited acceptance of Hope and Change as a positive influence.

  4. I couldn’t agree more ! We are now effectively in FOUR wars including the latest CIA boots on the ground in Yemen. Some societies are just not suited/will not function under our Democracy theme, simple as that. Now we sit here on the verge of bankruptcy with a failing school system while we build.. wait for it… schools in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its no wonder the Middle East and N.Africa hate us so much.Get our noses out of their country’s business and let them settle their own affairs. At the root of all of this is the Marxist wealth redistribution that is the embodiment of Barack Hussein Obama, period. Look up foreign aid stats and what do we see today? North African countries now getting huge amounts of cash from us, and then Muslim countries also getting bigger and bigger amounts of cash, like EGYPT, who has NO REAL Government yet! This is theft of much needed taxpayer dollars that could be used for our own people losing homes and jobs and struggling to make ends meet.

    Check this out. http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/foreign-policy/7726-foreign-aid-borrowing-from-peter-to-pay-peter

    • With great disinterest we citizens have stood by silent in this modern era and allowed our politicians to dole out foreign aid influenced more by the State Dept of no accountability. So now we have morphed into a barely recognizable version of ‘carrot and stick” diplomacy. It could more aptly be described as plain old “bribery”. Since that department is an Executive Branch entity congress needs to assert itself, but it doesn’t and hasn’t because we don’t elect people committed to assuming the responsibility for acting in the public trust and interest. Contrary to common belief the total of foreign aid in our budget is not a big percentage. And we also are not the most benevolent nation with foreign aid.(1)

      We elect populists who mask their salacious appetite for power and control and use their position to accrue such to themselves. My old pal Willie the Speare had the insight in Julius Caeser to describe it best. “…Tis a common proof, That lowliness is young ambition’s ladder, Where to the climber-upward turns his face; But when he once attains the utmost round, He then unto the ladder turns his back, Looks unto the clouds, scorning the base degrees By which he did ascend.” We the People are those “base degrees” he refers to and collectively hold the grasp on that very ladder support. It is nothing less than our civic obligation to use it at the ballot box of accountability. Moreso, it is our responsibility to do all we can to get as many citizens out to vote.

      To keep this representative democracy more attuned to and responsive to We the People we need to be involved citizen activists at some level seeking to influence the thinking and beliefs of others. That’s why I think that the blanket descriptive of the Tea Party defines the best and healthiest thing in the form of a groundswell of activism that has taken place in the modern era in this country. From that original idea has sprung up other organized efforts under the umbrella of that name of which most are oriented to traditional American values, not partisan politics. I believe they may yet asert themselves as the dominant influence come NOvember 2012. The Tea Party is the manifestation of a natural outpouring of citizen disgust with the status quo and has made itself a tool to shortcut the message of the will of the people to the politicians ears. This is the essence of a representative democracy. The power of the will of the people to be heard above the din of their elected representatives who have for too long ignored them. Such cannot work in a totalitarian type state. One has but to view what is going on in the Syrian street for evidence of that. Much as we may be criticized in the world I submit noone has come up with a better system than we have here.
      (1) http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/eco_com_to_for_aid-economy-commitment-to-foreign-aid