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  1. Prayer suggestion: Christians pray to cover their taxes with the blood of Christ and yield the taxes as seeds in the kingdom of heaven.

    • Michele, Can’t say I follow the logic in that. Didn’t Jesus say give unto caesar what is caesar, and unto God what is His?

      Christians praying to cover taxes with the blood of Christ will go astray with the IRS.

      • The money that we pay in taxes belongs to us before it belongs to ‘Caesar.’ There is nothing wrong with sanctifying our taxes before we give them to ‘caesar.’

        • If you want to know the truth, the money we pay in taxes never belonged to us in the first place. In fact, lets follow a dollar trail to see where it goes and count the multiple times it gets taxed;

          Beginning with the average payday, say you earned $500.00, and after tax withholdings (FICA, SSI, State, Medicare), your share is $400.00. Now lets say that money is spent over a 1 week period buying consumer goods, gas, paying a bill or two. The average is about 20% to 25% on the dollar when you account for all taxes paid (gas taxes, energy bill taxes, phone bill taxes, state sales tax, internet taxes, plus fee’s that are really just taxes by another name, and the biggest hidden tax of all are consumer price increases that are passed onto the consumer.)

          So of your hard earned $500.00, your “cut” is about $300.00, which could be a lower if your single with zero dependents. And if you tithe at church, well throw in another 10%.

          The money you spend goes to pay other peoples salaries, and that money is regurgitated and taxed multiple times. The money corporations make in profits goes to pay corporate taxes, pay corporate employees, and money is reinvested to keep the corporation operating. Corporations also pay employee co-pay programs, such as dollar-for-dollar investment plans, and medical insurance costs. With all money eventually entering the system again to continue its journey through the gauntlet of taxation.

          Any money you have left, to pay in more taxes, doesn’t need sanctification, prayers, blessings, or any other feel good ceremony, because money isn’t a sanctimonious object.

          • You don’t have to sanctify your money for God’s purposes, Max. Most people don’t but I will. I earn the money before paying taxes with it, therefore, it is mine to sanctify for Christ’s purposes if I feel like it. I then pay that money in taxes and trust Christ to manage it for me in my government. This is a spiritual concept and not a materialistic one as you try to make it out to be. I merely trusting my taxes to a higher power.

          • Michele, I understand and concede to your faith in a higher power. But I’m only saying it doesn’t appear to be working… if Christ were managing our tax dollars, as you seem to suggest, do you think our nation would be teetering on bankruptcy to the tune of 14 Trillion dollars, sacking our unborn “Great-Grandkids” with insurmountable debt?

            Ah, maybe if we get more people to pray on it, the course will reverse. Gotcha. Have a nice day.

    • Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

  2. “I do not believe it should be the government’s job (or place) to feed, school, hire or to be an employment agency. It is definitely not government’s job (or place) to give out free health insurance to everyone who asks for it.” (Kilpatrick)

    Not in its current form. There was a time when America fed the “truly” hungry in soup lines. Taught American values in public schools. Provided the policies that provided jobs. And, of late, provided free emergency medical care to ANYONE.

    But instead of enforcing true American values, liberals tainted the water with card-welfare (so the leeches wouldn’t feel any shame), created policies that uses welfare to purchase flat screen televisions, rewards single mothers with bigger welfare checks for having MORE kids, tossed “God” out of our public schools, and now believes all leeches should be granted free medical care. These are not the values I stand on.

    Our mainstream society is crippled, brainwashed, and dependent on government to solve all of their problems. What have we become? Greece?