Palin Power on the Rise

By | June 1, 2011

Sarah Palin went “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren last night in a wonderful, very insightful interview that was conducted with her while on her continuing bus tour of the Northeast historical sites last night. Much to the dismay of the media hounds, many of which live and breathe for a chance to bash Sarah Palin at every turn, this is not a campaign tour. The route is basically a closely held secret designed to keep the hounds at bay, leaving them whining and complaining to which Sarah replies that she does not owe them a thing. Classic Palin there. Greta is masterful in the interview at letting Sarah just be Sarah, the concerned Patriotic citizen, wife and mother wanting to reverse the wave of anti-American prosperity and class warfare beset by the current people in Washington D.C. that seem hell-bent on destroying American freedoms and liberty. The very foundation that our founding fathers created our great nation upon is being destroyed from within our very own government, and Sarah Palin appears to have set out to inform Americans of the cancer that is eating away at the very soul of America today, and just what we can do to stop it. The following Gretawire interview is straight forward Sarah-speak. It is powerful patriotism and common sense solutions straight from the heart of an unwavering, honest to the core, America-loving woman. A special thank you to Greta for an unfettered look deep inside Sarah Palin’s all-American desire to restore our nation to what is was founded upon originally.

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This interview is sure to take many people by surprise, especially the media hounds chasing Sarah Palin around the country looking for ways to denounce her simple bus tour of America’s historical places in the northeast. This was Greta and Sarah, one on one, with no teleprompters or prepared speeches by political handlers. This is must-see true American Patriotism at it’s finest hour for everyone. This is what the American people need to hear today, an honest, truthful discussion on the dangers we face from a too big, too powerful government . As far as the media goes, just watch them try to denounce this interview today, and then you shall see just who is the real enemy from within, one that wants to transform America into a second-rate country through financial insolvency. Is Sarah Palin’s power on the rise once again? You Betcha!

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