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Will Work For Food- I Guess

A 62-year-old Arizona man, Frank Ballesteros, “needs one little word” to help him out of his economic situation.

The word is not “hope” or “God” or “patience”. Perhaps the word is  “j-o-b”? Well, think again. What Mr. Ballesteros says he needs is the word “three”. Frank would like for Arizona’s legislature to make  a “small word change, from ‘two’ to ‘three’ in its statutes” to extend jobless benefits.

Mr. Ballesteros is walking door-to-door handing out resumes, yet he doesn’t say he needs a job. He just needs the statute to be changed so he can continue receiving his check.

A New York Times article states:

That last extension of unemployment benefits — typically received in weeks 80 through 99 of unemployment — is paid for entirely with federal money and does not affect state budgets. But because of ideological opposition and other legislative priorities, Arizona and a handful of other states, like Wisconsin and Alaska, have not made the one-word change necessary to keep the program going.

While Mr. Ballesteros may truly want a job, he may be one of very few people over the age of 60 who truly want to work at this stage in their life. Though he is out looking for a job, he does not make it clear that employment is what he needs – just that he needs for his unemployment checks to be extended.

Mr. Ballesteros fails to understand that nothing is free. Federal money- again- tax payers money– that is given to the states come with many strings attached. The fact that Arizona and the other states that refuse to make the “one-word change”, rather than caving in to the federal government is something to be admired.

Times are hard and there are a lot of people out of work. However, no person can honestly expect to have their unemployment extended yet again, especially when this nation is in the financial situation we are in.

I would like to read an article highlighting someone who has lost their job and made the best of it despite the bad economy. Surely there are people out there that were more prepared for a set-back to happen in their lives. When did we stop looking for the positive stories during the hard times? Are we so focused on the negative side of things that we refuse to look for and see the positive stories out there among the bad news?

This is the land of opportunity! It may not be the best paying job, it may not be the most prestigious job, and it most definitely may not be a job we would “like” to do. The problem is we, as a nation, have become so spoiled that we have either became too afraid or “too good” to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. We as a nation have become too independent on the Federal Government to provide for our needs- and now we feel “entitled” to whatever we want or feel we need.

“Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger.”

The vast majority of those who have been out of work for two years and have been receiving unemployment the entire time, thanks to the extensions, have simply sat back waiting for their next check. There are numerous reports of the unemployed turning down job offers so they can continue to receive unemployment checks. I wonder how many jobs has Mr. Ballesteros turned down because they didn’t “pay enough”.

Seemingly everywhere there are “Help Wanted” signs posted. From the corner grocery store to Dollar Tree, Dollar General, gas stations or restaurants, the signs have been posted for some time. If people were truly starving these jobs would be filled within hours of the sign being posted! We, as a nation have become so spoiled that we refuse to lower our standards on what we will and will not do.

If this were you that was unemployed at 62-years-old, would you ever allow yourself to remain unemployed for two years without taking whatever actions that are necessary to prepare for your situation? Would you make the difficult decisions such as downsizing your living quarters, moving in with friends or family or moving to another city or state?

The continuously unemployed do not lack jobs or money as much as they lack initiative, creativity and motivation to do whatever necessary to provide for themselves. Some of these people have sat back and accepted free unemployment checks for two years. They have made no plans to do whatever necessary to break the endless cycle they are in; instead, they are counting on the government to provide for them.

What will happen after 3 years of unemployment? Will Mr. Ballesteros’ situation magically be better, or will he simply be prolonging the inevitable fact that he cannot rely on the federal government to take care of him?

Unemployment checks are the poison that creates unemployment.  The tax burden reduces the workforce which increases the tax burden until the system goes bust.  THEN where will the newly unemployed who have been carrying the burden for everyone else go for a check?

Mr. Ballesteros, did you apply at McDonald’s when they hired 50,000 people?


A special thank you to my colleague, Wayne, for some pointers for this article.

Cain Confirms Attendance for ATRF/ Daily Caller Debate

(Stockbridge, GA)- Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain confirmed his attendance today for the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation/ Daily Caller debate scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 10, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nev.

“I have spent nearly all of my professional career in the private sector, rescuing failing companies, balancing budgets and creating jobs,” Cain said. “I look forward to sharing these experiences and the common sense solutions I have always employed during the ATRF and Daily Caller debate in Las Vegas.”

Cain also urged his fellow Republican presidential candidates to accept the invitation to participate in the debate.

“Now is not the time for political games. It’s time to get serious about our anemic economy and the millions of Americans out of work because of it. People deserve to hear from all of us,” Cain said. “Governor Romney, saying you’re a businessman simply isn’t enough. I hope you will participate in this debate to showcase what experiences and vision we each have, and which of us would be able to best help stabilize and grow our economy.”

Herman Cain has participated in the two previous presidential debates hosted by FOX News/ South Carolina Republican Party and CNN/ WMUR/ The New Hampshire Union-Leader.

He has signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection pledge, which vows to oppose any tax increases or elimination of tax relief.


FactCheck Embarasses The One

Lets’s all stand and give three big cheers for the wun’nerful ah wun’nerful economic accomplishments of the Oba-maniacs, the Obama congress. They dwarf the negative accomplishments of the previous administration and now stand proudly on their own merits.

[Note: drag beaten and battered Bush effigy off political stage… stage-left]

Unemployment (BLS version) as of  January 2009 was 7.8%. Now is at 9.1%(1).

Unemployment (real total)* as of January 2009 was 15%(2) . Now is at 21.9%(3) . *The “real total” includes the long-term unemployed who have stopped looking and who have fallen out of the workmen’s compensation extended coverages. In times of continuing economic stress and unemployment the BLS numbers are really meaningless and are used for political cover.

“[The proportion of employed young people is at the lowest level in 60 years. According to the National Journal, the “idleness rate” — the share of Americans younger than 24 neither at work nor in school — is rising, creating “the risk of what Harvard University labor economist Lawrence Katz calls ‘a lost generation.'”

The most troubling aspect of today’s unemployment may be its intractable nature. About 6.2 million Americans, 45 percent of the unemployed, have been jobless for more than six months — the highest rate since (here it comes again) the Great Depression.

The longer a person is unemployed, the harder it is to land a job. The median time to find a job is now, yet again, at a historic high. According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly one-third of the unemployed — 4 million people — have been jobless for more than a year.]”(9)

Gross Domestic Product – “To summarize, real per capita GDP is presently declining at an annual rate of -0.29% versus a positive growth rate of 1.15% under the previous administration.”(4)

Value of US dollar against the Euro. Euro as of 2009 was $1.2394USD(5) .  Now is 1.4235USD(6) An increase in the exchange value of the Euro representing a 14.8% loss in value for the US $.

Value of US dollar against the Yen(JPN). Yen  as of January 2009 was 90.57Y for $1.US(7). Now is 80.19Y(8) .An increase in the exchange value of the Yen representing an 11.4% loss in value for the US $.

The economics of international money values makes the average citizen’s hair follicles hurt in trying to comprehend it, so I’ve simplified it down to a basic relevancy of % loss in dollar value that anyone can understand.

Doing research for this piece I came upon an Annenburg FactCheck report (pictured above) that purports to highlight discrepancies in an email forward. It makes note of relatively ‘minor’ errors, but in updating their report for accuracy they actually support the original email purpose,  which I found rather humorous. I’ve posted their “Report Card”, which they proudly describe as such to show how they’ve actually accentuated the negatives about Obama. Thanks for the cordial assist in documenting the Obama piss-poor performance for two full years. I’m lovin’ that last statistic on their “Report card”.

Citations available here>

Obama…, he certainly is The One! The one to vote against in 2012.



(2) (see chart)









Texas Governor Rick Perry Listens

In an article the beginning of this month, Texans vs TSA, I wrote of how Texas Congressmen caved to the bullying of the federal government, and a bill that had more than 90% of all Texas State Representatives’ support, failed to pass.

Known as the “TSA Anti-Groping Bill”,  Texas HB 1937 would make TSA pat-downs a felony.

To have 90% support for any piece of legislation is almost unheard of. It was expected to pass with flying colors. Then the Justice Department poked their nose in our business and wrote what has been called a “scathing memo” regarding the bill, and threatened legal action against the state of Texas. So as is the norm for politicians, the Texas Sate Representatives tucked tail and ran. And in an instant, the bill, with an overwhelming 90% support, failed in the Texas House.

Texans, being who we are, did not take this lightly. Numerous Facebook groups popped up, a Come and Take It rally, which I highlighted in my previous article, took place on the capital steps, and no telling how many hundreds of thousands of phone calls, emails and tweets were sent to Governor Perry “encouraging” him to add the bill to the agenda  in the Special Session.

Governor Perry is very vocal regarding his belief in States’ Rights. We, the citizens of Texas, challenged him to stand behind his words and not be the “typical politician” spewing hot air. It seems as though he has heard the voice of We The People of the Republic of Texas.  In an article from the Texas Tribune, updated yesterday evening, Governor Perry has indeed added the bill to the agenda for the Special Session.

I hope that the Texas State Representatives realize how serious we, the citizens of Texas, are. We are SICK AND TIRED of the federal government overstepping their boundaries! I truly hope they listen, and vote the way the citizens of Texas want them to vote on the TSA bill. They did not seem to take us seriously before, but they better hear us loud and clear this time:


If you pay attention to politics at all, I am sure there are many rumors surrounding the possibility of Rick Perry running for President in 2012. Governor Perry has shown that he will listen to the voice of We The People. I would have to agree with my colleague- we very well may have found what we are searching for. Have we found Reagan 2.0 in Texas Governor Rick Perry?

Steve, The Balladeer


I met Steve, The Balladeer on Twitter. Over the last couple of years I’ve had numerous conversations with him, and have, over time, built what I would consider to be a real friendship, even if it is in the virtual world. I have no doubt that if I was in a real bind I could count on my friend Steve, otherwise known as “inhuggermugger” to me, to do whatever he could do to help me.

It was not until some time later in our online friendship that I learned he is a musician who has released his own CD.

As a lover of music from many different genres, I was quite anxious to hear the music from the heart and soul of one of my dearest friends.

If you love music- and I mean real music– I definitely recommend you give my friend, Steve, The Balladeer a listen. He is what I would classify as a beautiful throwback to a time when music was truly music. You can clearly hear the individual musical instruments accompany his rich and melodic voice without overpowering him.

Unlike so much of the music of today- and this includes music that I actually like- you do not have to strain to hear and understand the lyrics of the songs that flow so freely from the heart and soul of Steve, The Balladeer.

His first CD, “Romance and Sorrow”, is composed mostly of songs which were written and originally recorded about 12 years ago- with a few exceptions.  His song, “Copper Brown Eyes” was written in 2002 as a Valentine’s Gift to his wife. What a unique and beautiful gift that must have been for her!

“The Banks of the Colorado” was written in 2001 about a trip he and his wife made to my home state of Texas to visit his in-laws.

For “Your Down Is Up to You”, we have to travel all the way back to Steve, The Balladeer’s songwriting days of 1971- give or take a year or two!

The songs that make up “Romance and Sorrow” are quite different in mood from the songs of his next CD, which is called “Ballads in Praise of the Muse”. That recording is very near completion and will be released in the very near future.

“Romance and Sorrow” consists of songs with a more “worldly” aspect to them.  As the Balladeer, himself explains them,

“They look ‘outward’ to try to say something ‘outside'”.

However, the songs of “Ballads in Praise of the Muse” are more poetic and ‘inward’. Though many of the songs are written in the same time-frame as “Romance and Sorrow” there is more of a meditative, spiritual quality to “Ballads in Praise of the Muse”. The Balladeer says this is why he grouped these songs apart from the ones on “Romance and Sorrow.”

You can see from some of the titles of the songs on “Ballads in Praise of the Muse” that this CD is quite different. Some of the songs on the upcoming CD include:

“Barbie Allen”
“Hamlet at the Graveside”

“Ballad of the Thorn and the Rose”
“I Will See You in Jerusalem”
“The Light of God”
“Tell Me That You Love Me”
“I Want the Fire”
“You Set My Spirit Free”
“My Slumbering Heart”

as well as several others.

With the song “Barbie Allen”, The Balladeer took about 30 different versions of the classic Celtic/American folk song, studied them all for about 2 or 3 hours, closed the originals, and then completely rewrote his own version.

When speaking of “Hamlet at the Graveside”, Steve says that it may be he most audacious piece of songwriting ever. Quoting from him on this song, he says:

If you know anything about the play “Hamlet,” you will know that the hero Hamlet is deeply in love with Ophelia, but because the play is a tragedy, he and she are unable to fulfill their love for various reasons that I cannot go into right now.  At the end of the play, Ophelia dies BEFORE Hamlet has a chance to say “goodbye” to her! He comes back to Denmark from England (where he was supposed to be killed by agents of his arch-enemy, the present King of Denmark) only to find his beloved Ophelia is dead! But Shakespeare has already, at this point, written the longest play he has ever written, and HE MUST HURRY TO THE END OF THE PLAY!! There is no time for Shakespeare to dwell on Hamlet’s feelings for Ophelia before the end of the play!!

The plot must move on!!

So, you guessed it: I’ve written the song, that is “Hamlet at the Graveside,”  [which is] Hamlet’s farewell to Ophelia, the song that Shakespeare WOULD HAVE given to Hamlet to sing if there had been time enough in the play … but there wasn’t!!

Steve says that “Tell Me That You Love Me” is the only song that he has ever written for a young lady to sing, and adds:

I am hoping that Mary Sarah will sing it, because she is the perfect age and her voice is just DYNAMITE!!!

I would have to agree with The Balladeer, regarding Mary Sarah! Her voice is indeed DYNAMITE! To hear her sing a song composed by the talented Balladeer would indeed be a treat for us all, I have no doubt! Steve says he is waiting on the copyrighting process to be completed, and the moment that is finalized he will send it to her for her review and consideration.

The song is about a young lady who believes that she is in love, but does not want to be fooled. The song is about lessons on boys and men taught to her by her mamma and daddy.

This is one song I will wait with baited breath for, hoping that Mary Sarah will agree to sing it!

Steve, The Balladeer says that his dream is not primarily to be a singer, as he feels he is too old for that. (I would have to respectfully disagree with him on that point!) He says that he instead would like to be a songwriter, with his songs being taken by singers who do not have their own songs and record them with their interpretation.

It seems as though Steve does not sit still! He is also working on a third CD, which will come out as soon as the songs are copyrighted and recorded. When I read the title of the third CD I knew immediately it is a CD I want to hear!

“I Sing for America”. There is beauty in the title alone that reaches to the very heart that beats in this author. Steve says that there a a few Public Domain songs, but otherwise, all songs are written by him.

Here is a listing of the songs on “I Sing for America”:

“I’ll Be There” (was written right after the 9-11 massacre)
“We Roll On” (was written in response to our invasion of Iraq)
“Everyday for Me Is the 4th of July”
(was written after reading “John Adams” by the historian David McCullough, as well as just his general response TO JUST BEING AN AMERICAN!)
“No Greater Love: The Fields of Pennsylvania”
(this one took him 7  years to write! This is yet another one in response to the 9/11 attack on America, and the heroism from Valley Forge, to Gettysburg to Flight 93)
“On the Liberty Bell” (still a work in progress, at the time of the writing of this article, but is almost completed. He started writing this one on Easter Sunday. The song centers around the text written on the Liberty Bell, which is taken from Leviticus, and is the perfect symbol of America–it fuses Passover and Easter into ONE image, as Steve explains it.)
“Danny Boy”
Battle Hymn of the Republic”
“Stars & Stripes Forever”

The most interesting of details came out about the third CD, “I Sing for America”. Steve, The Balladeer says:

The only reason that I include “Stars & Stripes Forever” on the CD is because I am going to WHISTLE it!

This should be a most interesting CD, indeed! I look forward to hearing it in the very near future, as well as “Ballads in Praise of the Muse”. Fortunately for us, we can listen to Romance and Sorrow and purchase it at Steve, The Balladeer’s website.


On The Web
Romance and Sorrow
Steve, The Balladeer on Twitter



Newt Gingrich Campaign Loses 2 More

Fox News just cut into their daily routine to announce that Newt Gingrich’s campaign has taken yet another hit in its very early stages. It is reported that two more of his campaign staff members have resigned.

Now, his top two campaign fundraisers have bid the campaign adios.

Campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond is confirming to The Associated Press that fundraising director Jody Thomas and fundraising consultant Mary Heitman have left the team.

The AP reports that Mr. Gingrich’s fundraising has left a lot to be desired throughout the already short campaign. Will this new hit to his team finally wake Mr. Gingrich up, or will he continue his seemingly grandiose disillusion of an idea that he has a chance to win the 2012 election?

Here is just another example of a politician not listening to We The People.  Newt is NOT the candidate conservatives are looking for! You would think that the majority of his staff quitting his team would make him realize this. If you cannot persuade your closest people to continue supporting you, how do you expect to change the mind of the majority of conservative Americans?

Don’t Be Conservative

Don’t be Conservative or Liberal or Democrat or Republican or Progressive or radical or stoic or any adjective that leads you in a political direction.  Be informed, knowledgeable, honest, historical, accurate, proportional, logical, consistent, persistent, courageous, and outspoken.  If you do that, you will lead others in the correct direction.  You will be attacked by all the above “political ilks” but you will not be alone.  You will be part of the most remarkable solution in mankind’s history to date.

Of course you’ll be labeled a Conservative, likely a “Right Wing Radical.”  But “Conservative” is just a relative term.  It means you are to the right of the perceived middle.  You are not conservative, you are simply correct.    For the past 100+ years the bell curve of government has been nudged so far to the left that anyone expressing common sense appears radically conservative.

If you look at the history of mankind from his first gathering into tribes through modern government, you’ll notice an undeniable general trend.  As man has evolved to be more mature, refined, and knowledgeable his government has evolved to supply greater freedom and individuality.  From the supreme power of Chieftains and Monarchies to the Oligarchies of Councils and Ministries, to the Republics of Parliaments and Congress.  Each time the people’s voice received more power and their governments were more successful.

However each time those governments eventually failed.  They failed because the masses lost the responsibility that their freedom implied.  Failures were met with those desired the security of a more powerful central government.  However some fragment always split off to begin a new experiment that addressed the real problem of greater freedom; “personal responsibility.”

Similarly today, we struggle to regain the responsibility bestowed upon us with the freedoms that our Republic intended.  This time we’ve realized our failure came not from the form of government.  Our failure came from a complacent people who allowed ambitious men to ease the reigns of that government from our hands into their own.

Whether our Republic fails or not depends upon how swiftly we can become responsible enough to displace power greedy politicians with earnest representation.  It depends upon how well we utilize the reigns we still hold to extract control of own nation.  It depends upon insistence that the people be responsible for themselves.  It depends upon correcting the misinformation that has been fed to the masses through the “mass media.”  It depends upon the masses becoming disillusioned about the very media they have been lulled to trust.

It cannot be done without pain, but it must be done with with responsibility, integrity, and perseverance.  Only the responsible can breed the responsibility necessary to rule ourselves.  Only the honest can restore the integrity of trusted representatives.  Only by perseverance can we withstand the resistance of politicians to relinquish our power.

We are not conservatives; we are correct and steadfast in the face of extreme liberalism.  If you are labeled Conservative, fine, wear that badge with honor.

Chris Christie: None of Your Business

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tells a constituent that it’s “none of your business” when she asks why he sends his kids to private school.

Gov. Chrisitie nails the voter in a 3 point argument:

Christie pays property taxes for a system he doesn’t even use

Gov. Christie and his wife pay $38,000 annually in property taxes but don’t use the services. He helps fund the system and therefor has a say in how they function – whether he uses them or not. This is the argument for school vouchers so that parents could choose whatever kind of school they want and use the money they pay into the system (or not) to fund it.

Christie and his wife want religion in their children’s education

Christie chose a private parochial school because they wanted their children to have their faith involved in their schooling.

Governor Christie is the Governor of the Whole State

Chris Christie has to make the right decisions for all children in the state, not just his own. What if he had no kids? Would that make him unqualified to make decisions on how best to fund the public school system?

The constituent was going for a gotcha moment and got gotcha’d by the governor. Perhaps a teacher herself, or at a minimum a liberal, she didn’t think her point all the way through. A governor (or any executive) makes decisions that impact the entirety of their office. Does he have to be a truck driver to sign legislation on trucking safety? Does he have to be a manufacturer to entice factories to come to his state? No. He also does not have to have children in public school in order to improve the decaying system. In fact, his exposure to private schools might bring new ideas to a 1960’s era system that is stuck in a mode of abject failure.

Not Devoted Enough Time to Africa?

Wondering how she can "spend" your Tax Dollars

Michelle Obama set out on a week-long trip to Africa to spread goodwill – on the U.S. Taxpayers dime. Of course there is criticism with “extra” trips that this administration’s family has taken. The trip is provoking disappointment from Africa advocates who argue that President Obama, whose father was Kenyan, hasn’t devoted enough time to the continent since winning the presidency.

Mwiza Munthali, public outreach director of TransAfrica Forum, argues that U.S. officials “are not seeing Africa as a big priority. There has been some uncertainty.” The president has made just one trip to sub-Saharan Africa since his Jan. 2009 inauguration and has chosen not to accompany his wife on her journey.

Not devoted enough time to Africa? The last time I looked he was still the President of the United States – not a leader in Africa. I wish that he were a leader of any other country besides the U.S. then I would not care so much about the more than 70 rounds of golf he has played as president. It would be nice if he would devote more of his time to “common sense” solutions to the problems plaguing the United States.

This isn’t the first time the First Lady has come under fire for travel plans. The First Lady raised eyebrows last August when she decided to fly off to Spain on taxpayers dimes, commanding top-dollar luxury accommodations in the middle of a recession. The New York Daily News called her “a modern-day Marie Antoinette.”

On a couple other trips she has been questioned on her international etiquette – in April 2009, she broke royal protocol and hugged Queen Elizabeth, causing a major stir in England. Then in Indonesia last November, Michelle Obama shook the hand of a conservative Muslim minister, a form of social contact between the sexes that violated his religious vows. He blamed the First Lady for the violation.

By the sound of it I really believe she “thinks” she is better than anyone else in the entire world. When the Obama’s travel internationally they are representing the United States, but with her antics I don’t want her representing me. It is sort of like the show “Beverly Hillbillies” when a bunch of poor backwoods people are transplanted to Beverly Hills, California, after striking oil on their land – it just don’t fit.

The First Lady organized another paltry trip to Mexico in April 2010 with Jill Biden. While that trip, too, was aimed primarily on establishing contact with younger civic leaders, some muckrakers called out the First Lady for taking time to travel to a country that’s long been a crucial moment in U.S. immigration policy. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, for instance, argued that the trip was little more than an effort to promote “illegal alien shamnesty.”

Expectations for American engagement with Africa soared when Obama took office, with advocates citing his previous travels to his father’s homeland of Kenya and attention paid to African nations while he was a senator. But while Obama has talked about his “family members who live in villages” and told an Africa-focused Web site that he is “probably as knowledgeable about African history as anybody who’s occupied my office,” he has made just one presidential visit to sub-Saharan Africa.

Maybe we can get Obama to move back “home” to South-Africa and he can “lead” in that country – as he is about done leading this country in the WRONG direction. Now that is something I would promote for him and vote for him on. Sorry Obama I am just trying to help you out – help you right out of my White House!

Michelle Obama heads to Africa, stirs criticism
First lady’s African trip resurrects criticism of president on African issues

Dear Ann Coulter : How Are Book Sales?

Following the New Hampshire GOP debate, Ann Coulter wrote the following in a Townhall article in response to an answer by Ron Paul that the government should not be involved in marriage:

“Most libertarians are cowering frauds too afraid to upset anyone to take a stand on some of the most important cultural issues of our time. So they dodge the tough questions when it suits their purposes by pretending to be Randian purists, but are perfectly comfortable issuing politically expedient answers when it comes to the taxpayers’ obligations under Medicare and Social Security.”

Coulter elaborates a little with Bill O’Reilly:

I am going to start by giving her props for remembering to use the word “most” in her statement so that she could cover her you know what, when she gets publicly called out for being a hypocritical, book pushing sensationalist.. which I am about to do.

Since Ann conveniently forgets to mention the rest of the answer given in the debate, let me fill you in. Ron Paul suggests that marriage should be an issue addressed by State governments, and by the Church. Ann equates all Libertarians with Objectivists (that was the word you were looking for, Ann. Your audience is smart enough to figure out how to Google if they don’t know it), and calls them cowering frauds when it comes to taking a stand on social issues.

I, personally, have a thing for supporting the Tenth Amendment in this country. I also have a thing for the rest of the Constitution. Call me a cowering fraud, but I spend an awful lot of time reminding liberals that they have no right to tell me how to live my life, or how to spend my money. That fact doesn’t change because I don’t like someone else’s decisions. We [Conservatives] have managed to come together from across the entire spectrum of fiscal to social conservatism, to recognize that the Constitution entitles us to make those decisions for ourselves, without the consent of some faceless government entity’s stamp of approval.

Coulter would agree, except where she wouldn’t. According to her, the States and Church are incapable of handling marriage all on their own. They would make terrible decisions that went against Coulter’s definition of morality and that would allow private handling of things like adoption, insurance, inheritance! How can we survive as a country if such things were allowed? She suggests that Libertarians would put an end to “official” marriage. I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, a marriage license was a revenue generating piece of pain in the butt, and marriage was sanctioned by love and God. (By the way, a decidedly Un-Objectivist point of view)

Imagine, allowing marriage to be taken out of the hands of the federal government, completely ignored by the federal lawmakers of this country, and completely handled as an institution of the Church. Why, that would be…. Demonic!

California Small Businesses Urge Governor to Veto Budget Trailer Bill

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 20, 2011 — With 25,000 businesses at risk, members of the Performance Marketing Association are urging the Governor to veto ABX1 28.

Rebecca Madigan, Executive Director, Performance Marketing Association, stated, “This budget trailer bill, along with any other nexus tax legislation, will devastate a currently growing and vibrant segment of California’s technology economy, Affiliate Marketers.”

Similar legislation has been proposed in numerous other states, only to be rejected because those elected officials recognized these proposals do not generate any additional sales tax revenue and, in fact, harm small businesses.

ABX1 28 is just more of the same; it will simply not address the budget deficit because it will terminate their relationships with 25,000 California Affiliate Marketers, along with putting the growth of startup companies and venture capital projects at risk.

Keith Posehn, CEO, AppZorz stated, “Internet nexus tax bills, such at ABX1 28, needlessly endanger the growth of our state’s tech startup community; several investors we’ve pitched to during our fundraising have openly questioned the wisdom of staying in California.”

In 2010 Affiliate Marketers paid $151 million in state income taxes. If ABX1 28 passes, these small businesses will go out of business or move out of state to preserve their incomes. As a result, California’s current deficit and economic outlook will get worse.

“We hired 40 people last year and we had planned to hire another 25 people in 2011. We have stopped hiring until we know what will happen, but we are hopeful our Governor will protect small businesses like ours and keep Internet technology and innovation strong in California,” state Loren Bendel, CEO,

“We remain hopeful the Governor will recognize the potential legal flaws and the deceptive economic promises held within ABX1 28 and promptly veto this devastating legislation,” Madigan concluded.


You May Need to Vote for a RINO

Ross PerotTo save the country, you may have no choice but to vote for a RINO – or more realistically – a moderate Republican. Even more important – you have ability to keep it from coming to that.

The primaries start in February so the current polls showing Romney leading the pack are going to change. Whether or not Romney falls is yet to be seen, but the polling statistics will change.

The primary vote is where you get to be slective – pick a Romney, Bachmann, Huntsman (really?), Paul .. whoever. If you don’t vote in the primaries, don’t complain about who goes up against Obama and certainly don’t sit at home and sulk. Either be active during the primary season or be prepared to support whoever wins – inaction has consequences.

Once the general election starts, you have one choice – the GOP nominee. You could choose to support whatever moronic candidate decides to come back in as a third party candidate. There is historical precedence for that – its big-eared name was H. Ross Perot. In a failed third party bid, he not only didn’t get himself elected, he actually caused the loss of the right-of-center candidate.

If you love your Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump so much .. get them nominated. Go get your grass-roots effort in-motion so that they might take the primaries. If they lose .. buck up and take one for the country.

Vote your conscience in the primaries and be prepared to swallow your pride in the general election. If you don’t, what will four more years of Obama look like?

  • Obamacare will be fully implemented
  • QE3 and perhaps QE4 (AKA stimulus 2 and 3) will be complete
  • The Senate will ratify the U.N. treaty on personal arms (guns) and he will sign
  • Unions will continue to run our government and run our employers out of the country
  • Education will continue to be run by big labor
  • Your kids will be left with a bill they can NOT pay

It’s time to be the parent and/or patriot. Swallow your pride and realize that either you got off your butt and got your candidate nominated or that someone else did. If your candidate does not take the nomination, do NOT take it out on OUR country. Obama must go, we must take the Senate – plain and simple.

It is understandable that we all pick the perfect candidate as the primaries come closer. There will not be general agreement on who should take that spot – that is precisely why primaries are held. Use that mechanism to voice your opinion about one Republican candidate or another. Once the primaries are over – it’s time to understand the real decision in front of you. Do you have the will to drop your pride and decide that having a good candidate is better than losing the election while hoping for a perfect one? Can you vote for someone that at least approaches your beliefs – or will you sacrifice the country just to show that you and 8% of the electorate voted for your favorite candidate?

If you aren’t active in the primaries, you may just have to vote for a RINO – no way to soften the blow.

In Search of Ronald Reagan 2.0

Ronald Reagan has been called, in recent times, the patriarch of the Republican Party and ever since he left office in January of 1989, a search has been on for someone to continue in his footsteps.  This search has left many people disappointed over time because there hasn’t been another GOP nominee like him.

Many had high hopes for George H. W. Bush.  Although history has shown Bush 41 to be a good President in a time of transition, he was certainly not Reagan 2.0.  Largely due to this fact, he lost in his 1992 re-election bid to Bill Clinton.

Two other also-rans come to mind:  Bob Dole and John McCain.  Neither of these gentlemen could come close to Reagan.  Both were older men, but neither had a true grasp of the conservative brand that Reagan offered, and neither could effectively communicate their message to the masses.  Both were party insiders who got the nomination simply because it was their turn.  Clinton drubbed Dole in ’96, and Obama waltzed over McCain like he wasn’t even there in ’08.

George W. Bush is perhaps the closest to Reagan that the party has gotten.  He had a cowboy spirit and attitude and, of course, a Western White House, but a great communicator he was not.  The man, while obviously, very intelligent, often looked like a deer in the headlights when giving a televised address.  The course of his Presidency was also irrevocably changed on September 11, 2001.  No one can say where his presidency would have gone had the intervening events of 9/11 not played out, but it is the author’s belief that he would have had a presidency closer to that of his father’s than to Reagan’s.  He went to Washington seeking to be a “unifier, not a divider”, which is very similar to his father’s platform of a “kinder, gentler nation”.

Now, the 2012 field of contenders are vying for the chance to take Obama’s job.  The country is ripe for another Reagan to come on the scene, but none of the official candidates fit the bill.  Obviously, they all would be better than the current Commander in Chief, but they have to be able to sell the conservative agenda and the conservative brand to the American people.

The frontrunner, Mitt Romney, is the establishment candidate in the mold of Dole and McCain.  He has strong fiscal conservative credentials, but he is lacking on the social conservative side and appears to couch his words carefully as to be unoffending.

The other candidates also have incomplete dossiers.  The tea party favorites, Bachman and Cain, both have the lack of experience factor, which causes many GOP voters to wince.  The other announced candidates are far weaker than these, which is why many primary voters were already thinking that they’d be forced to settle and then begrudgingly vote for the nominee in 2012 in the hopes that he or she would be strong enough to actually beat Obama. That hope would depend more on outside factors detracting from Obama, rather than on the GOP candidate’s actual strengths lifting him or her above Obama in the minds of voters.

That’s a terrible position to be in.  The GOP desperately needs Reagan 2.0, and they need him or her NOW.

There is one man around that more closely fits the bill than any other in the last 20 years.  That man is Texas Governor Rick Perry.  His speech at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans was vintage Ronald Reagan.  It was direct, focused, and, to paraphrase his words, unapologetic.  Granted, Perry does have his own issues to deal with if he’s serious about running for President, but he brings to the table something that none of the other candidates do.  He’s got a strong economic track record to run on and he’s uncompromisingly socially conservative.

Like Reagan, Perry was once a Democrat.  This is something that his opponents on the fringes like to use against him, but it could be one of his greatest strengths.  Even as a Democrat, Perry was conservative.  Democrats in the south had a long conservative tradition; a fact that Al Gore tried to capitalize on in his first run for the Democratic nomination in 1988.  Reagan once said that he didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left him.  The same can be said for Perry.

It’s still too early to know if Perry can fit the mold of Regan 2.0, but he, currently, is the most likely of the candidates or presumed candidates.  Only time will tell.


Heavy Heart For Weiner Replaced By Heartburn and Disgust

If you read my previous article, Weiner: Self Destruction by Pride and Arrogance, you may have mistaken my heavy heart as me feeling that Anthony Weiner was treated unfairly. If you read in the comments, I had a discussion with a reader that became a very healthy debate that I thoroughly enjoyed.

As the days have passed, more commentaries have been written and more information has come out regarding what it means for Mr. Weiner now that he has resigned, my heavy heart for him has turned to nothing but disgust.

Add to all of this, after reading, Weiner is his own wurst enemy, an article by one of my colleagues, I have a completely new perspective on this entire drama that has unfolded in plain view of the American public.

One of the main pieces of information that has come out after his resignation is the estimated amount of his pension. You can rest assured that the heavy heart I have and the tears I cry are most certainly not for Anthony Weiner, but instead for the American people. We have allowed our leaders to set up quite a nice pension plan for themselves when they leave their position, no matter how they leave that position. Our dear Mr. Weiner will receive upwards of $1 million is pension, even though he resigned amidst shameful- and possible illegal actions. $1 million dollars! That is just appalling!

In my previous article I discussed how it was a very rare occasion that I agree with Alan Colmes, but I had to agree with him that Anthony Weiner at least deserved the right to be able to resign without being heckled. Max, a CDN reader, made the point that this very well may be the only way his constituents could at least make sure he heard them. Through our discussion I told Max that he had a great point. It’s not just Anthony Weiner, but most all of our Congressional leaders who refuse to hear what We The People are saying. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I was wrong, and that these constituents had every right to make their voice heard in this situation.

Anthony Weiner chose to lie about the details of his circumstances from the very beginning. It wasn’t until he was backed into a corner and his own party was literally pushing him out, that he finally stood up and told the truth. I firmly believe that had the party leaders not pushed him he would have never resigned. His arrogance and pride are far to great for that!

Now, after having more time to think about the situation and after gleaning more information about his engorged pension- our tax dollars- I no longer can feel the slightest bit of sadness for him. That heaviness of heart has now turned to the most awful heartburn.

As a Christian I am still sad for him that this is his life, just as I am for any human being that gets caught up in the darkness of this world. Though it may not seem as though his consequences are just, in time it will catch up to him, just as things always catch up to all of us. The only real question is will he make things right here in his mortal life, and truly change his ways, or will his ultimate consequences catch up with him in the here-after? Only time will tell. For his sake, I truly pray it is in this life.

If Anthony Weiner is truly sorry for his actions, a great way to pay retribution to the American people is to forfeit his hefty pension. I know, that is laughable to even think it, much less suggest it! That will never happen!  And sadly, we have become so complacent that it will not phase us at all.


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