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Open Letter to President Obama

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  1. Nice letter, but hasn’t anyone ever truly listened to the president? Liberals elected a man who put a stake through the heart of Christianity in America, when he proudly declared “We are no longer a christian nation,” when in fact we are overwhelmingly christian. Since when is a majority faith no longer representative of the Country, the people, our beliefs, or our way of life?

    Liberals elected a man who declared, “We are no longer defined by our borders,” while at the same time trampling over Arizona’s right to enforce federal immigration laws. In other words, our president, instead of upholding the law of the land, has intentionally subverted it for latino votes.

    Liberals elected a man who gave a solid “bro-shake” to Anti-American dictator Hugo Chavez, spoke in Cairo to deliver a message of peace “from muslim communities in America (what about the rest of us?),” sided with Argentina over Britain’s control over the Falkland Islands, abolished the European Missile shield in favor of a joint American-Russian system (halted by NATO of all entities.. thank God for NATO), has destabilized the mid-east to unknown ends, tossed Israel under the global bus, doubled the amount of foreign aid to an unstable Egyptian regime, tossed 1 trillion of OUR money into bogus shovel-ready jobs (ZERO to show for it), and a man who is so disconnected from our economic pain that his only response has been to blame ATM’s for high unemployment, ignore the worst housing market depression on record, while pressing congress for a 2 trillion dollar bump in the debt ceiling (the very thing he voted against while a sitting senator). Need I mention MANDATED Obamacare?

    These only represent a small fraction of colossal failures from Obama. Michelle isn’t any better, since pillow talk no doubt influences his decisions. As did 20 years of American-basher reverend Wright. As for our first lady, she should concentrate more on Jenny Craig than in regulating the food we choose to eat.

    The greatest hope for this nation is if Obama loses the 2012 election. As for him ever having a chance of becoming a great president, not a chance. The worst is yet to come, we haven’t seen his best days (or our worst days) yet, and his ultimate failure will rank as low as Chavez, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Hitler, half of which are idolized by the american left.

    If our president truly wants to be of service to our nation of laws, protected by well defined borders, he should RESIGN immediately.

    Instead of hoping against hope, remember (and never forget) the damage this man is doing to the greatest nation on earth. We won’t be that for very much longer IF he is re-elected by short-term memory voters. For all of our sakes do not forget the harm he is doing to the Republic, our grandkids need the historical truth, un-glossed by the Lame-Stream-Media.