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John Bolton: 2012 Presidential Profile

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  1. The “old guard normal” that you refer to Alle (if I may call you that) are the current generation of Repubs who have no proper conservative perspective in my opinion and are really not the true old guard of the party. Many, if not most of this generation composing the bulk of middle-aged voters were kids during the Reagan era of 22 to 30 years ago. That, for me, was the last time a real conservative influence was in effect within the Republican ranks. Newt made a good start, but got himself derailed. So today’s younger Repubs are observers of the RINO scene wherein the mainstream Repubs have moved left to fill the old Democratic Party slot and that party has morphed into the far-left demonRATic party of socialist-bent usurpers. I could care less about them, because I believe that it’s the disenchanted independents, Democrats and women of all stripe who’ll make the difference in 2012. That’s why for me a ticket of Bachmann-Cain or the reverse order of Cain-Bachmann is a winner. Although Bolton is my firt choice from a pragamtic view he lacks a ready to hit the ground running organization and financial support and is hoping something starts to spring up about him.
    Wishful thinking! The race will go to he/she who is the swiftest and most intuitive to the public’s sensibilities.

    Cain may well be our best shot at getting younger blacks to look around and reappraise themselves. If they make that effort they’ll see that The One has used them to continue the LBJ Not-So-Great-Society agenda of maintaining their low self-esteem and parasitic dependency upon the government as their provider. Here we are a half century of political manipulation and social welfare largess and blacks are just as bad off and Cain can make them see that and get their anger going in a constructive way. HE can tell them that there is now a black master in the big white house. They’ll compare that to what Cain represents. Using the guarantee of an equal opportunity to compete in the marketplace of ideas and become the master of your own destiny. That dichotomy of personal responsibility opposites is so painfully obvious it cannt be missed. That means the very real possibility of NEW Republican converts…read…’voters’ from a demonRAT “target group” formerly and politically conceded as lost forever to Republicans.

    Bachmann has the same appeal to men and women as Palin, traditional American values and a return to such, but is much more worldly and knowledgeable. I think that she gets the so-called Tea Party vote no question plus may also draw women from all other political sectors who have had all they can stand of The One.

    If I were a lead functionary for either I’d suggest a private meeting between the two. The motive being to get them to agree to announce that they are running for the party’s nomination as The One-Two Punch and both will agree to accept whomever of them gets the most convention votes as the nominee to run as President and the other to run as Veep. That single event of such an announcement not done before would be a real media shocker and ALL media would be looking to interview both of them. They’d immediately rise to the top and deflate the rising Romney initiative. Creative thinking is needed by conservative politicians looking to run and it’s needed now, not later. Later is for losers.

  2. Well, Doc, you may have gotten more than you bargained for, with me adding my commentaries! lol

    Ok, so now on your comments:

    After reading your comments, I WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree! As I stated in my commentary, I LOVE his bluntness! It would definitely be a breath of fresh air…right now I see only one in the running for that title right now, and that is Herman Cain. I have some reservations about him, but he is the ONLY one that is not the establishment.

    My concern with John Bolton- or someone like him, ie, Michele Bachmann- is that I wonder how many voters are out there that will be willing to step away from the “old guard” normal. Lord, I PRAY I do not have to vote for Mitt Romney! The fact that he is rating so high in the various polls disheartens me.

    • With your comment here:
      “Lord, I PRAY I do not have to vote for Mitt Romney! The fact that he is rating so high in the various polls disheartens me.”
      We have in this a commonality of concern as I noted in my earlier post comment closing.

      For a while I was somewhat befuddled at why so many Repubs would jump on the bandwagon of a proven retread national loser (2008 campaign), meaning Romney of course. I then thought about it and have come to this realization. The age group of 30 to 50 or so is what I consider to be the current ‘adult’ generation that has no actual life experience as adults with a real Republican Party of conservative roots save for the Reagan era and as time marches on we forget that it’s been a full 22 years since he was President. He entered that office 30 years ago and departed it 22 years ago. Since then the current version of the Grand Olde Party has been a bunch of weak-sister compromisers in the main and drifted left to about where the old Democratic Party was before they morphed into the far-left demonRATs of today committed to socialism. When your only academic perspective is an intellect seduced to the history revisionism of the post Not-So-Great-Society years you lose the meaning of what a “strict constructionist” constitutional view is and what “original intent” really means and fail to realize that compromise is a way of negotiating, but that principles are never compromised. I guess what I’m saying Alle(if I may call you that for friendly personal reference) is that it’s like the old line that goes ‘ if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything at all’. It’s my only explanation of why today’s Republicans are such sheeple and easily led by their own naivete to accept a neat-looking book without venturing past the cover. To not look beyond the obvious I would suggest is to not due one’s due diligence and marks a person as a fool or as lazy or as both. That is true in all endeavors.

      You also expressed a concern in one of your posts as follows:
      “My concern with John Bolton- or someone like him, ie, Michele Bachmann- is that I wonder how many voters are out there that will be willing to step away from the “old guard” normal.”

      My response is that concern/doubt I believe is not yours alone and why it annoys me that Bachmann in particular is playing coy at being formal about announcing. Bolton is doing the same thing, but is in a weaker position as to organization preparedness and funding so I don’t fault him as much. I’ve stated in this CDN forum and elsewhere that, Bolton aside for a moment, I could see and support a Bachmann-Cain or Cain-Bachmann ticket, which is to say I’d hope those two would be the leading contenders for the Republican nomination for President. As a matter of fact how about this for a real “grabber” of an attention-getter on the political scene? Bachmann and Cain have a private meeting and discuss the positives of PUBLICLY announcing as the One-Two Punch Team seeking your vote as ther Republican Ticket and who will be which candidate will depend on the popular vote of Republicans to the convention and they agree on it.

      You want to turn the tide against Romney as the RINO of choice! That…, would get the ball rolling I’d submit. These candidates have got to start using some creative thinking processes.

      This immediately leads me to a discussion of “target groups” a strategy of the demonRATs that they have perfected to appeal to groups of voters to get the power they want at the ballot box. It has and continues to work for them because like the fellow said you’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. That wisdom was proved again true when a virtual unknown was elected as President on nothing more that a promise of Hope and Change. It applies here as a consideration, because…
      1) Herman Cain presents a diametrical opposing view of a black man to Obama. If you are a black voter and have come to doubt The One and seriously listen to what Mr. Cain says you’ve got to do some re-evaluating I would think. If you are that black man you may then come to realize that Obama has capitalized upon your lack of self-worth and failure as a responsible individual to succeed on your own merits without a “leg-up” assist, which is to say…He Has Used YOU! Herman Cain’s message is one of personal confidence and redemption based upon the rewards of a full-faith, personal effort given an equal opportunity. He seeks to INSPIRE YOU.
      And 2) If you’re a woman and you were taken by Sarah Palin you’d like Michelle Bachmann as she has almost identical values. I would also submit that women, in general, represent many of the uncommitted independent and even democratic voters we need to eject the Obamanation named Barack Hussein.

      Those are two important considerations that go to making a case for such a ticket.

  3. Nice dossierre on Mr. Bolton Allenah, but I sort of regret that you didn’t make your personal case for supporting him which you appear to.

    I do support him and on more than one online venue have stated so. He would literally be that “breath of fresh air” on the political scene. John is not shy about putting a few burrs under the saddles of the establishment with straight from the shoulder comments and opinions. It is what made him so unpopular at home with the establishment politicos here and so popular with many, many conservatives AND independents. The tone of his very comment on a posssible run that you published indicate to me a person who is looking for some groundswell sign of support to motivate him. If that is correct I think he’s got the cart out in front of the horse!

    We need a John Bolton or Michelle Bachmann to announce ASAP. Failing in that allows the RINO of populist choice Romney to start building up a head of political steam. For a guy who has a personal wealth ready to invest in his run for the nomination…waiting is NOT a good strategem to follow. Also not a good thing for a party and nation in dire need of re-establishing some solid conservative roots.

    • Hey Doc! I apologize that I disappointed you! See what happens when you start second guessing yourself? I thought I would take a more “facts only” approach to this one. Ya know, as Sgt. Joe Friday said on Dragnet, “Just the facts, ma’am!” lol

      Just for you, I will go back in and give my personal commentary. Hey, what can I say? I hate to disappoint my readers! 🙂

      Just an fyi… I am not going to read any further on your comments (I got just a glimpse past the first part), so I do not “borrow” your thoughts. So… I will go state my case for Mr. Bolton and return to read the rest of your comments!

      And thanks for the vote of confidence and encouragement! 🙂