In Search of Ronald Reagan 2.0

By | June 21, 2011

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0 thoughts on “In Search of Ronald Reagan 2.0

  1. ReaganTMan

    Reagan 2.0 makes everyone just as nervous as Reagan did before he was elected president. Reagan 2.0 is as reviled by the press as Reagan was. People say Reagan 2.0 is too extreme or unelectable the way everyone did about Reagan. Her name is Sarah Palin.

    1. Michael Raymond

      Sarah Palin has many of the characteristics of Regan 2.0, but as of this date, she does not fit the bill. The media has been mostly successful in their attempt to politically assasinate her. She has such high negatives, even amongst GOP primary voters that she really doesn’t have a chance to win the nomination. I believe she is smart enough to realize that and will not enter the race.

      If she does enter the race, the only thing it will do is split the conservative vote three ways; between her, Bachman, and Cain and assure that Mitt Romney is the nomineee. There is obviously no love lost between Mitt and Sarah, and I highly doubt that she would enter the race to hand him a victory. She can serve better as a king maker from the outside, which I suspect is exactly what she is going to do. That role, while a good one, is not Reagan 2,0,