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House GOP Enables Union Control of Federal Contracts

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  1. Is this the way are newly elected members to the Congress wonder why they may be selected for replacement in 2012. It won’t take many more votes of this sort to clean house next election.

    We who are watching suggest you change your ways immediately. Responsible government does not coalesce to the opposition and special interests

  2. The reason Nan Hayworth voted in favor of the union at the federal level. But she believes that unions at the state level should not have collective bargaining rights. At the federal level she followed her cousin in his historical backing of unions in 1930. President Herbert Hoover.

  3. Hi Max,

    That is the problem here, I called the two moronic puppets from my state of Florida to demand just what in the hell they were doing in voting for Union forced contracts? 5 calls later and 3 people , not one of the so-called congressional staff could tell me just how this is legal under our constitution. I told them their names will be in the news for all in Florida to see, and they will stay there until the 2012 elections.Frigging morons voting on bills that they do not even understand is one thing I found out. The other thing is certain fake Republicans are trying to buy the Union vote there. Look at the NJ reps for instance. Heavy Union presence there. Just like Illinois . I,m still going to call my reps every other day until they explain their votes which they simply can not do There is NO EXUSE for this kind of voting, and people better wake up! . This one really has my blood boiling here!

    • Good luck with the phone calls. But as I have come to expect, public pleas fall on deaf ears in Washington. Our politicians routinely sell their votes for any number of reasons, none of which are honorable. It’s one thing for democrats to have sold their soul to the unions, but another thing when republicans emulate their vote by way of political bribery.

  4. How is this constitutional? Any amendment which forces the use of labor unions is unconstitutional, isn’t it?

    By favoring labor unions, every entrepreneur is thus excluded from bidding on government construction contracts, which would include any number of small businesses within the field of construction.

    It’s an illegal sham. No different if the state mandated all legalized gambling operations to fall under MOB control.