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Granny Get Your Gun!

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  1. Under Obama rights of gun owners have increased.

    • Jon,

      “Under Obama” and “as a result of Obama’s pro-gun actions” are two very different things. It is because of his administration’s publicly anti-gun policies and actions that gun owners have become activists.

      That is why gun rights have increased “under Obama”.

  2. Many people who are against private gun ownership have never had a firearm, shot one, gone hunting, don’t go against their government, trust their government, think that their government can make no mistakes, and mostly, indeed, don’t want to rock any boats. These are the people who are afraid to stand on the front line, would be the first to boohoo if their government would take away their rights, and who would be the first to brown-nose their government to selfishly keep themselves safe with no thought for the rest of the population. They are the ones who do not have vision of the future, and only live for today.

    Obama is not the first President to threaten to do this, though the Homeland Security Bureau could become like the Gestapo, who would and are insidiously working into the weave of our nation and weakening the Rights of the People.

    In some ways, the Republican candidate for Pres and his snot nose kindergarten boy, Paul Ryan, threaten us more than Obama does. Both want to take away the freedom of the masses, and I don’t think anyone can really argue with it. If you can ……feel free to do so.