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Georgia’s New Illegal Alien Law – Butt Out Mexico and 10 Other Countries

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  1. Okay well how about our ancestors first came here and stole the land from native americans(which by the way included the mexican indians as well) because we even stole their land as well. Are how about our country is literally for sale. You have hailf a million dollars guess what your in within two years are better yet one million and within a year you are in. Lets even look at it this way I have lived were their were a bunch of hispanics and the city grew rather quickly doubled revenues new construction redid air force base,courthouse,hospital and just plan out new stores the town was growing for the better it wasn’t until all these new immigration laws started coming about that is started slowing down. Now it is virtually stopped. They were real handy during those bad hurricanes. They are actually helping to improve housing market. Which drives economy. Plu most time the are taking jobs no one wants I have done a poll on that. Also it almost impossible to get the documents to be legal anyways people really need to think long term be ready to pay fortune for anything fruit veggies even wood and chicken.

  2. Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him – This was not only a very humane law, but it was also the offspring of a sound policy: “Do not vex a stranger; remember ye were strangers. Do not oppress a stranger; remember ye were oppressed. Therefore do unto all men as ye would they should do to you.” It was the produce of a sound policy: “Let strangers be well treated among you, and many will come to take refuge among you, and thus the strength of your country will be increased. If refugees of this kind be treated well, they will become proselytes to your religion, and thus their souls may be saved.” In every point of view, therefore, justice, humanity, sound policy, and religion, say. Neither vex nor oppress a stranger.

    • Kenda; What ARE you spouting?!?! My father was a Nazarene minister and I KNOW you are quoting from the Old Testament but the New Testament replaced it! How about “an eye for an eye” and I go murder, rape and steal from their families?!!? They have sucked each and every American family DRY; also raping and murdering! I don’t know what YOU are on but I believe it’s the same thing Obummer and his cronies are on! Move to a city that’s over populated with ILLEGALS and then see how much you love them! Better yet, take a few hundred of them with you when you move to wherever they came from!

    • Yes Kenda I know what Exodus 22:21 says, but as T.L Asper has said we are no longer under “Old Testament laws – after Jesus came and died and arose from the grave things changed.

      Even so if we were still to obey all of the old testament’s laws – we still would be sacrificing animals as burnt offerings. But we don’t now we just ask God for forgiveness and he grants it to us.

      Furthermore God tells us to love everyone even our enemies, but he also says that ALL are to OBEY man’s laws. The Bible makes it very clear that those who violate the laws of our government are in sin, as are those who support or assist them in breaking the laws. It is mentioned throughout the bible – 1 Peter 2:13-14 – Romans 13:1-7 – Titus 3:1-2

  3. “I am 100% against any immigrant entering my country illegally.” (Smalgov)

    Me too.