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Chris Christie: None of Your Business

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  1. Yeah, property taxes for a system he doesn’t use.

    I’m sure his multimillion dollar house runs fine without a public water and public sewer system, public roads and bridges, electric power lines, police to keep undesirables out of his neighborhood, AND LET’S NOT FORGET HIS SALARY THAT IS PAID WITH TAX MONEY.

    I live in NJ, we pay him to do his job and all he can do is stab us in the back while he loses millions of dollars for schools, screws up the ARC tunnel project, the list goes on and on.

    $175,000 salary well worth it, Don’t you think RosieDad?

  2. I wish every one of you koolaide drinkin idiots would become rich. Then let me hear ya when Barry tries to take it away and give it to a crack whore who sits or lays on the couch all day tradin tricks for a buzz. Like I said. You wont get a job from a poor man. GO to work and make yours and shut up.

  3. a poor man never gave a job

  4. $38,000 a year in property taxes? Where does the governor live that he pays $38,000 a year in property taxes?
    And where is he getting the money to pay it?

    This seems like a number plucked straight from his fat a$$. Or maybe it’s what he paid over the past 5 – 10 years.

    • RosiesDad, Seldom do I find cause to slam blatantly ignorant comments, such as yours here. So I will set your record straight,

      – Over the past decade, N.J. liberals have burdened property owners with some of the highest property taxes in the nation. The average New Jersey property tax bill in 2008 rose to $7,045, a record high. The per capita rate was 2,642, then the highest in the nation.

      – Governor Christie happens to be a millionaire, and lives in Morris County. In the township where he lives, the AVERAGE price of a home is 900K. The average property tax bill for the township is about $13,431. Do the math, the Governor lives in a multi million dollar house (I’m sure you now think he doesn’t pay enough in property taxes.)

      – Thankfully for N.J. residents, recently, Governor Christie signed legislation capping annual property tax INCREASES from 4 to 2 percent.

      But facts don’t matter to a drone, like you. The truth is, Governor Christie spoke the truth over the amount of property taxes he pays. And you, a flaming liberal mouthpiece, bad mouth the governor for what?

      Do us all a favor and fall off the face of the earth.

      • Max:

        Drone like me?

        I didn’t know Christie was filthy rich and that makes me a drone? (I don’t live in NJ and so what I know of Christie is what I read in the papers and hear on the radio.)

        But I guess that explains a lot.

        Fall of the face of the earth?

        Very mature, pal, very mature.

        • Only mindless drones would spout pure BS like you just did. The fact that you live in NJ and can’t take a measly ten minutes to research the facts only proves how useless you really are.

          Tell you what. Why don’t you take 5 minutes to research the dope Obama is pushing. He latest flub was asserting, before the 10th mountain division, he had personally awarded one of their living with a Medal of Honor. As it turned out, the man he cited as having been presented with a medal of honor in his presence, died on the battlefield and the award was posthumous. And that is the jerk you put into office.

          • Max:

            Well, it’s clear you have problems with both civility and reading comprehension.

            “The fact that you live in NJ and can’t take a measly ten minutes to research the facts only proves how useless you really are.”

            I DON’T (that means DO NOT) live in NJ. I heard a clip of Governor Blowhard on the radio and the figure that he threw out for his property taxes seemed way out of line to me. (It is, by your telling, 3 times the average for his township.) But apparently he’s just another rich guy doing the business of rich people. And you’re fine with it.

            Great. I hope you DO live in NJ and get to live with this guy. You clearly deserve each other.

          • It doesn’t matter where you live, that has nothing to do with your original false allegation.

            Obama is a millionaire, so is Pelosi, Reid and a slew full of politicians. In fact, didn’t your buddy Gore buy a multi-million dollar mansion awhile back with a carbon footprint 1000 times greater than the average Joe?

            I would love to live next to governor Christie. His individual wealth alone spurs economic activity when he spends his wealth… which in turn creates jobs. Guys like you don’t get it… the more billionaires we have in turn creates more millionaires, which in turn creates a larger middle class, and lifts people out of poverty. The problem you have with that is a lousy term lefties coined called “trickle down economics.” Even if that were true, I would much rather have trickle down economics than the “trickle up poverty” liberals promote.

    • Max,
      Well said, I have nothing to add.

  5. Good on the Governor. But that doesn’t get him any points with most conservatives over his draconian lock-step approach with Al Gore’s global warming hype.