Chicago’s Top Cop Equates Gun Rights to Government-Sponsored Racism [Video]

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  • “That’s right, guns are not the problem. All other factors being equal, it’s the inner-city population that chooses to murder each other.” (Mitchell)

    Correct. It isn’t racism. It’s gangs, which plague our cities. Those who commit crimes with guns do not represent the vast majority of law abiding gun owners, and they never will. The left uses these incidents to push a false agenda aimed at restricting gun ownership for all, and that won’t fly.

    If black-america gives one-ioda for freedom and liberty, they will heed to the words of Justice Clarence Thomas (a man they refer to as uncle tom… and that isn’t being racists) in his written opinion DC v. Heller. And now inner cites want gun control? I don’t believe they would spit on their ancestors who fought and died for the right to bear arms.